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  • I have a quiz
    "Uh ok Also this isn’t my main account This is an alt I share with my gf Lemme go log into my main rq"
  • I have a quiz
    "I just took it because I’m not going to remember to later. 0% Likely because I live in America and have no plans to move"
  • Birchwood ^u^
    "I’m here tho and so is some new person But I gtg in a few minutes"
  • I have a quiz
    "You mean... this thread? And I haven’t looked at it yet I said I will later. I still have to get offline and eat considering I haven’t"
  • Birchwood ^u^
    "Hi Basically no one is online rn"
  • I have a quiz
    "Is this going to be your official thread or are you going to create a new one"
  • "WhEn WiLl Es GeT oN"
  • Hey...
    "Es are you ok??"
  • Just created an account
    "I noticed. If you want an official thread it should be in the lounge. I mean I don’t really expect you to have made one by now "
  • I have a quiz
    "I will in a min. Keep in mind basically no one is on rn Also you only post once in the intro thread. Maybe you sho"
  • Just created an account
    "Yay new person"
  • "Gn Es"
  • "Ok so I need a list of all Mary’s and Gary’s meaning people on here with absolutely no weaknesses. And 50 abilities. And I can’t be on it be"
  • "Es 4 mins until phone turns off..."
  • "Actually I was just going to- You know- *rips all the bones out, strips flesh from body, other stuff I’m not going into detail w"

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