How well do you think you know me? Oh, and it's rigged

Rigged. That's all I'm going to say, is that this is a rigged quiz. Pay attention to the questions, though. You may figure some things out... Have fun!

When you see your score, don't say I didn't warn you! This is rigged so you will most likely fail, which is why your score doesn't matter! Thanks for reading these paragraphs that take SOOOOOOOOO LONG to type out!

Created by: Atticus

  1. So, what is the nickname I prefer to go by on here that half of you are still ignoring? Ellie, Eclipse and a few others, thanks for calling me by this. I said this when I first joined. Hm, what's that? You think they're all right? Sure, maybe...
  2. Name of my first account? Most of you should know this, except for those who recently joined. Oh? What's that? They're all the same, you say? Ha, but what's really correct?
  3. Who do I call Pure Awesomeness? If you don't know after this question, I doubt you've been paying attention this whole time...
  4. So, you basically get what I'm doing to you now, don't you?
  5. If you get a 100 on your first try, I might just die. Because that is literally impossible.
  6. When is my birthday? I have said this many times. This one's not rigged. Because I know some of you won't know this >:D
  7. I mentioned my preferred nickname, right? Do any of you know the... true meaning of it?
  8. Just gonna say it here and now, your score doesn't matter. Most likely you'll get a zero. Which is fine!
  9. Hm I want to be done now don't you
  10. Ready to find out your scores? If it's a 100 I swear I'm going to faint

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Quiz topic: How well do I think you know me? Oh, and it's rigged