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  • It's nerf or nothin
    "Well, where's my gun, then??"
  • Wooooah
    "That's.. that's cool, but I think it would be cooler if it was in pieces. Prisira: Okay, I think that's enough drinks for you,"
  • importante
  • Hola Kish
    "That b------."
  • importante
    "bonjour kish ça ne fait pas trop longtemps que tu ne m'as pas fantôme, mais je pense que je MÉRITE une réponse concise. vous êtes un fils ar"
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "I'm just here to sleep then leave. I just, didn't feel like leaving Pris drunk alone, is all, so I stayed a bit longer."
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "Oh, I'm Ollie. I'm not staying here or nothing, just visiting."
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "Think I might of seen a photo of you somewhere at one of the parties. Or at least, someone who looks like you."
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "If you say so, hun."
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "She's not a moth, though!"
  • Heph's thread
    "Shsjdbxincjd ily That's probably accurate"
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "Hmmm.. Maybe I'm just imagining it. I've seen a few moth girls, after all."
  • Heph's thread
    "Pop pop pop"
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "No, not him, I mean you-"
  • The Hazbin Hotel
    "Hey, you look familiar."

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