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  • House of Purgatory
    "I won't ever leave again- I promise. But.. I don't know if once this is over, I'm going to go back to heaven."
  • House of Lamentation
    "Mirari: *she sighs in relief when they manage to heal Lucifer without incident, shifting to lean against the wall, before sliding down to ju..."
  • House of Purgatory
    "Oh.. Luke- *she hugs him back tightly, sniffling, trying to keep composed* I love you both so much, as well."
  • House of Purgatory
    "*she's startled, having not expected this, but it's enough to make her break down into tears herself* I.. I won't, Luke, I promise. "
  • Sariel
    "We can share custody? He just needs a good mother figure, and, well, you're not qualified."
  • Sariel
    "Gabriel isn't my child. I mean, he is, but he isn't?"
  • House of Lamentation
    "Satan. He's here. *she moves to spread her wings again finally, sighing deeply* Sorry I.. couldn't do much more than shield hi"
  • Sariel
    "Wait, three?"
  • Sariel
    "This is why I should have custody."
  • Sariel
    "Oh, my~"
  • "Kinda gay."
  • Sariel
    "Oh, that's rich, coming from you."
  • "Thou shalt not simp."
  • "You're breaking like, all of the commandments."
  • Sariel
    "Of course you do. But I'm still going to fight Rem's gay ass to get to care for you."

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