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  • "*gripping onto the handlebars and looking a little green* You're doing great!"
  • "*sits in the passenger's seat and puts her feet on the dashboard* We're ready to rumble"
  • "I et lettuce lef"
  • "5.11.21 Even though Central Time tells me that it's not my turn, SO HELP ME I'M NOT LETTING IT GO >:( I can't r"
  • -Contrasting Emotions-
    "Heyo! Are you new? :>"
  • "Ivory waved a charred piece of bacon at her teasingly before starting to cook some more."
  • "*pats Quirrel on the back* Neither did I! Don't worry, you'll do great. Fine, you can sit in the backseat. But not a word"
  • Cringe Challenge!
    ""Maybe a little," Solace admitted. "How did you see it?""
  • Warrior Cat Roleplay
    "Skypaw nodded, looking weary. He managed a small smile. "Of course we will.""
  • Warriors Rp
    ""I wouldn't know," Nightpelt said. "If their mother had any sense, they'd be living with Twolegs. Your father was obsessed with making himse..."
  • "*groans* Do you promise not do die?"
  • 1x1 Warriors RP
    "Flowerpaw nodded, her long tail flicking in the air. Seedpaw made a small hum of acknowledgement before frowning. "I wasn't bat"
  • "*smirks at Kiro* Going off to wreak havoc, of course! What else would we be doing? If Quirrel's driving, I call shotgun."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "Spice: :DDDD Beast: *strangled noises*"
  • "Well hopefully word doesn't get out about the whole "stashes of dynamite" thing. That could cause a panic that even I would be afraid..."

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