What's your knowledge on groceries?

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I did this quiz to make a teacher that impacted me proud. I know she'll never see this, but I wanted to feel as if I'm honoring her in some way. Would you do the same?

How much do you know about groceries? How much do you know what the FDA health standards are? Are you wondering? Well, take my quiz and wonder no more my friend!

Created by: Alt_Queen

  1. We'll start with an easy one. Should you get perishables or nonperishables first whilst grocery shopping?
  2. How long is it okay to wait until you put up groceries?
  3. Why is dangerous to leave food out in the open?
  4. You can only put meat back in the fridge if it was thawed out by...
  5. What's the first step before you cook?
  6. Should you put raw meat on the bare table/ counter?
  7. What tempature should chicken be before you serve it?
  8. How many calories should a person eat a day?
  9. Is it healthy to eat more if you're an athlete?
  10. Lastly, is it safe to eat vegetables raw?

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Quiz topic: What's my knowledge on groceries?