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  • Reseeved
    "Mary looked around before looking at Eliza's hospital gown. "Yeah, we are in a hospital.",she responded."
  • Lovely
    "Cheryl nodded her head in agreement as she crammed another cookie in her mouth."
  • "Hello. I'm staying a night with my best friend of five years...for the first time."
  • I hate asking this
    "Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of writers block?"
  • Lovely
    "Cheryl said,"It's okay. They're going to be in there forever. I wish our society wasn't so messed up.""
  • Reseeved
    "Mary hugged Eliza tightly before kissing her forehead out of relief."
  • "I'm going to attempt to sleep. Goodnight."
  • Raven's playlist
    "I Miss You by Blink 182."
  • Raven's playlist
    "Ghost Of You by My Chemical Romance."
  • Raven's playlist
    "If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping With Sirens."
  • "Same way with Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, In This Moment and Twenty One Pilots."
  • Raven's playlist
    "Makedamnsure by Taking Back Sunday."
  • "Why is every song by Hawthorne Heights relatable though??"
  • "And there is a possibility of opening up a black hole if you clash two atoms together fast enough."
  • Raven's playlist
    "Somewhere In Between by Hawthorne Heights"

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