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  • "*she smiles, making sure Ryuu is comfy, before heading to go inside the frozen tent-* Ryuune: *he flicks his tongue at "
  • "Hmm.. *She pauses, before removing Ryuune from her neck, holding him on her arm* Do you like snakes? Ryuu doesn't like the col"
  • "Blizzard bloom..? *she pauses at that, flicking an ear* Well.. sure. That sounds intriguing."
  • "*she gives a soft, polite smile* A-ah.. I appreciate it. However I.. think I'm good. Ryuune: *he "wakes" now, nudging h"
  • "*while she knew he knew a lot about her, him mentioning that makes her take a moment to register the rest of what he said, but she still wal..."
  • "*she would take his hand, humming happily* I would love for you to- and.. please, really, I'm not anything special. Not like you."
  • "Eat everything"
  • "*she would of stopped when she's approached, smiling at him* How could I not? It was amazing- you were amazing. Ryuune:"
  • "*she reaches out to catch it, still in awe from the performance, because, despite seeing everything she's still easily impressed by hot guys..."
  • "*she would of moved to of course sit in the front, then, and at the wave she blushes softly, smiling back toward him* Ryuune: "
  • Heph's thread
    "Sheba a good b"
  • "*of course, she couldn't convince the guards to let her go alone alone, so there's a purple snake on her shoulders- She's dressed much more ..."
  • Main Cast: GSMM
    "Kirin: I'm a traveler.. from a village called Prox. I was here to look at Zol, when everything went down.. I'm just a little panicky, okay?"
  • "[Yes please, if u can set the scene]"
  • Main Cast: GSMM
    "Kirin: Sorry if I'm a little tense, it's not like I almost died or something- and.. I kind of don't want to die in here, you know?"

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