Would you rather?

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Thread Topic: Would you rather?

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    zomgirl Advanced
    Whateva. My little boy said pink so xP

    Neither. I choose carrot cake.

    Dagger or sword?
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    Weaux Novice
    Well then. I choose bow and arrow. :P

    fro-yo or Ice cream.
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    Weaux Novice
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    Dreaded Death Newbie
    Ice cream

    Be an assassin or be assassinated?
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    sammierox1997 Senior
    Be an assassin, for like a day then I'd retire :)

    No school or No Food?
  • Kier218 Newbie

    be in a cage with a hungry lion and eat peanut butter off a hobo's foot
    why would u kill a baby bird poor baby bird
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    Kuro Neko Novice
    Hm. I'd definitely wouldn't want to be mauled, so I'd eat peanut butter off of the hobo's foot.

    Would you rather turn into an Usachan (Bunny) or a Kiti (Kitten)?

    (I like to speak Japanese, so I used Usachan and Kiti.)
  • gottaluvit Novice
    move across the country: cedar point or six flags?
  • gottaluvit Novice
    uh.. i meant kiti. same question though
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    Rave098 Novice
    6 flags

    Move to the bottom of the sea or live in a dumpster
  • vulturemonem Junior
    Move to the bottom of the sea.

    Music or TV?
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    SG115 Junior
    Both :D

    Crab or lobster?
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    takos_rule Advanced

    Green cylinder or Blue sphere?
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    Kuro Neko Novice
    Blue Sphere.
    Would you rather control the element of fire or the element of water?
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    Be trapped in a bathroom with a crazy person, or a sex addict?

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