What Are You & Where Are You From?

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Thread Topic: What Are You & Where Are You From?

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    LeahM Junior
    You could inform on these optional subjects:

    - Heritage
    - Native
    - Culture

    So we could all learn something about each other.
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I'm American, but I have no hometown. My dad's been in the military all my life so I've moved a lot.

    Heritage-wise, I'm a mutt. xD Prussian, Czech and Dutch are most prominent. Also Irish, Italian, Polish, Austrian and some British mixed in. :3

    And I live in Maine now. I'm not 100% sure where I belong in the world yet, but I feel wherever my loved ones are would be home.
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    VegeKaka Senior
    I'm Mexican. I come from a little ranch in the state of Durango called "Atotonilco". It's about a five miles from the bigger pueblo of San Juan Del Rio, where I spent last year at.
    (They shoot guns on Christmas you know... xD)

    Well, I'm a mutt. Spaniard, British (got my British blood from one of my ancestors who stole a British woman on his horse while she was vacationing in America.... xD), and Mexican are dominant. I've forgotten what else I was, but very small portions of me are also Italian and German. xD So I say European blood.

    I live in Los Angeles now, and I know that I belong back in my ranch because it's always going to be my true home. I feel comfortable over there and the culture is something I'm used to .3.
  • FLgirl92 Newbie
    My heritage is Irish and English mostly. Maybe some Scottish or Welsh mixed in. They're all basically the same though. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, I've lived here all my life and I don't plan to leave anytime soon. I can see myself living in a nice Southern city like Savannah or Charleston, or somewhere else in Florida. I definitely feel at home though. As for culture, I don't really have one. I'm just a typical American girl I guess from a typical, hard-working, big-hearted American family.
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    LeahM Junior
    My heritage consists of West Indian/Caribbean, specifically in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago within the Lesser Antilles. As well as from the Ashanti Tribe in Ghana, Western Africa. There is also evident Irish - and suspected Jewish. And those are just the roots on my dad's side...

    Mentioning Jewish, there is also a great presence of it in my life - in terms of religion. I observe the Jewish holidays/customs annually. My identity if pretty much Jewish, given my name.

    My native is the United Kingdom, England. It's a beautiful load of cold, countrysides, big red buses and bangers and mash! As for the culture, I'm actually not quite sure. I have some difficulty defining the "culture" of western countries. That's all!
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    Anastasia Hot Shot
    I love Jewish culture. :3

    You must celebrate Messianic Judaism? Keeping the practices of Judaism while believing in Jesus?
  • FLgirl92 Newbie
    I actually looked up my last name Spring and my father's last name Beck. Beck is either Middle English or was brought to England by the Normans (if not for my Western Civ requirement, I wouldn't have understood that at all). In any case, it indicates that you live near a stream. So my father's distant ancestors lived near a stream somewhere in England. Spring is an Anglo-Saxon name given to plantation owners. I would assume my family remained planters when they settled in America, so my ancestors probably owned slaves. But I kind of guessed that already.
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    tongue Advanced
    Let's see. I live in Schenectady, New York. My mother is a disavowed Catholic. My father is a non-practicing Jew. My ancestry on my mother's side is French, Irish, and English. My mother is originally from Oswego, New York. My father's ancestors are Jews from Austria and Poland who came to America around 1900. Both of my father's parents were born and raised in Brooklyn. My last name Starr is an Americanized form of the last name Starcellio, so there are some distant Italian roots on my father's side as well.
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    Appayipyip42 Advanced
    Born in Harrison, Arkansas. (Also that's the headquarters of the KKK, but I would sooner kill myself than associate with them)
    I moved every year. This is the first house that I'm going to spend more than 2 years in.
    Currently I live in Springfield, Missouri.

    As for bloodlines...long story.
    My mother's side is Irish, Black Irish (not sure exactly what that is), Cherokee, Apache, Dutch, and probably other random things that found their way in that.
    My father's side is supposedly Scottish, but I swear they look like Klingons.
    The part of the Apache tribe my family comes from is the same one which Geronimo came from, and the other sides are from the people who fought for the South in the Civil War. My mother or grandmother, I can't remember which, was born in Vidor, Texas. (Also a main place for KKK rallies.)
    The Klingon Scottish side is full of engineers. If you can think of a famous engineer from the Industrial Revolution, I'm probably related to them. Not to mention it that my grandfather and uncle were also engineers.
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    xforgetXmex Novice
    I am American, born in Fort Worth, Texas with bloodlines tracing back to Norway on my moms side and Great Britain on My dads side.
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    Bluebird Novice
    I live in Victoria, Australia. I have all my life. It's nice but it gets really hot in summer. Cold in winter but not as cold as the northern states. We also, well most of us, love AFL Australian rules football.

    My heritage is Danish, English and Chinese.

    My family and I don't have a defined religion.
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    flibber Junior
    I live in Niagara Falls, NY, USA which I have all of my life. On my dad's side, I am German and Italian. On my mom's side I am German, Irish, and a little bit of British.
  • Already said this so much tonight already, but I live in Bucharest, Romania. Was born and raised here, really. Though I've traveled to Hungary and Greece before.

    I'm pretty mixed up for a Romanian. xD 1/4 pure Romanian, 1/4 Hungarian (both these on my mom's side), 1/8 Russian, 1/8 Bulgarian, 1/8 Greek, and 1/8 Czech (How did that get in there?). My dad's family mainly immigrated to Romania, and my mom's mother was from Hungary.

    So because of my background and exposure to different cultues, I love travel and countries. I want to go everywhere someday, if I can ever afford it. XD That'll have to wait until after college and some working.
  • beep Newbie
    I am South African.I was born in Durban and have lived there all my life.

    How my family came to South Africa:
    My ancesters cam to South Africa in a ship called the cea.(pronounced key-a.)My surname is Dunford. Which suggests that my ancester may have invented the ford.
  • irishlass17 Newbie
    About me well l live in the usa and was born in clifornia and have lived in cal my whole life. I am irish on both my mom and dad's side that makes me 5 or 6 generation irish. How my family came to be well my ancesters lived in ireland for quite a while but they eventually came to america. As for culture well i enjoy learning about ireland i am trying to learn galiec it is a beautiful language i enjoy eating irish food such as spuds corn beef irish scones.

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