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    Stardust1 Experienced
    @the actual boss I mean for me, I get upset over when my own girl friends don't spend very much time with me. I feel loved the most when I am just spending time with someone, doesn't matter what we do. Some girls are like that. She might just need you to remind her, but not through words, through actions, such as spending time with her. If my friends just keep telling me "Oh I miss you and love and wish we could hang out," it wouldn't mean as much to me as if they had actually hung out with me. Sometimes it isn't what you can say to her, it's what you can do.
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    Bloodyalice Novice
    Just stop hurting us...
    That's all I ask...
    Especially if it's our birthday. Or our period.

    Honestly I went through some s h i t tonight that probably shouldn't have happened but whatever....

    So all I ask is for boys and men to just be a little more sensitive..... when they talk to females...
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    Dear men,

    Why are you like that?
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Honestly people in general, think about what you do and say to other people.
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    Paige_ Advanced
    Dear straight women,
    I have standards too. I don't have a crush on every girl I see. "Not even a lesbian likes me?" Sorry, I can think you're pretty and not like you. I know not all of you do this, I'm just hella salty
  • eggboy69 Junior
    Dear wahmen

    Why you guys gotta group all men together, just cause one guys a dickbag, doesnt mean we all are, give a man a chance sometimes, like jesus christ
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    @eggboy69 XD

    But it's because we women like to make fun of men and make ourselves feel superior all the time. The only man we don't make fun of is Orlando Bloom because he's an angel in male form
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    That’s what I’m trying to avoid when I answer questions, but you’re kind of doing the same thing to women in your post, as are the guys in this thread also doing to women.

    It’s really not meant to be a generalisation, it’s just so guys and girls don’t have to name a specific person.

    I have one though

    Dear everyone if someone tells you they aren’t interestedly, it doesn’t matter how they’ve said it, or I feel you think they are lying about being Gay/Straight/lesbian/taken/underage or whatever, that shows you’re making them so uncomfortable they feel they have to lie or maybe they are telling the truth and just trying to let you down easy.

    Respect other people no matter who you are,

    This applies to all genders, I’ve seen women ranting about guys who won’t have sex with them no matter how many times they’ve asked only to rant about persistent guys, that’s a double standard and it’s not ok.
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    Dear men

    I am sorry for stereotyping but I have been to Walmart and Winco too many times

    Why is it that every time you guys bend over your entire goddamn asscrack has to hang out? I mean I guess I have pretty conservative tastes but I'm pretty sure ain't nobody thinks that's attractive.

    Get a belt or something please. Ain't nobody wanna look at yo butt. Just put it away and everyone will be happy.
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot

    I looked at the title assuming it was a letter to a crush or something.

    I read the description, now understanding the purpose, and clicked thinking it would be a bunch of girl users ranting about guys and the guys defend themselves in far more entertaining and confusing rants.

    Instead all the men are writing rants about woman, the woman are writing one sentence questions, and one girl (Puppetmaster) is actually making an effort to give real answers to the (Well not exactly rants, but actual letters.)

    I expected this to be pure chaos, but it went the absolute opposite. It even switched to more people going Dear Woman than people going Dear Men.

    I think this will help me go to sleep tonight with a bit more faith in humanity.

    All that faith might disappear tomorrow... But still.

    Or maybe I'm just overthinking as usual. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Hiccstrid Senior
    ^ I actually laughed out loud at that XD
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    alex3000 Senior
    ^ samee
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    Isabel Star Advanced
    i started something that sounded like passive aggressive feminism and look where it took us
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    I’m all for equal rights, so I don’t think it’s really fair to generalise anyone. Even if I am guilty of it, I’m trying to improve :)

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