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  • We lost her
  • We lost her
    "Don't mind us were just looking for ourself"
  • Hello
    "Yeah you know me it's Alexsys aka Lexy or better known as my other usernames like "unloved girl" or "Darkest_Light" and s--- like that"
  • Hello
  • I just wanted to say
    "It's 5:21 am and I have to wake up 1lat 6:30 am I'm going to bed gn"
  • I just wanted to say
    "Aww thanks Do you know what this thread was inspired from?"
  • Dear Men
    "Just stop hurting us... That's all I ask... Especially if it's our birthday. Or our period. Honestly I went throug"
  • If u were pregnant
    "I wouldn't abort it I would put it up for adoption because I don't have the financial aid I need plus I'm way too young to have kids"
  • Okay
    ".... Rain... even though I'm not in love with him, I can't just do that. He's a friend of mine. And as much as I hate to say it, i kinda nee..."
  • Morning everyone
    "Here in the lounge"
  • Morning everyone
    "Can you come check my new thread?"
  • Okay
    "So I have a massive crush on this guy and he calls me all these names like "cute" and "babe" but we aren't together and he's actually not in..."
  • Morning everyone
  • "Yay I'm not here alone anymore And I am so damn happy"

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