Where do you guys normally watch Anime?

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Thread Topic: Where do you guys normally watch Anime?

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    Jade66sick Junior
    I'm stuck with Netflix, and the anime there is ehhh.
    Anywhere online that's free and safe from viruses?
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    rvelez Senior
    Yes, my friend! Go to:


    It has lots of anime there and you can watch it in sub or dub.
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    Luna Siren Advanced
    I watch it on (in order of usage):


    I use Kissanime for almost everything. It works on mobile and on PC so it's good since I watch anime on my iPod and on an iPad. They have dub and sub.
    I use Crunchyroll for some shows, and I usually only use it when I want to watch something on the TV, since I have Crunchyroll on the PS3. I occasionally use it on my iPod though.
    I use Netflix for a few shows. Like Steins;Gate, Noragami, and a few more. I also use Netflix when I want to watch something on the TV, since it's also on the PS3. But I use Netflix on my iPod sometimes.
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    SparkOfMercy Novice
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    zeronightshade Advanced
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    absol heart Senior
    youtube, netflix, or some random anime website i can find that has an english dub of the anime.
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    Zankyou315 Novice
    Hulu (Is mostly Anime and TV shows)
    Netflix (Mostly movies and a few Anime shows)
    Crunchyroll (Pretty much all Anime)
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    Marceline 101 Novice

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