Forever and Always pt.19

Hey guys! I know its been a while but at leats its done! So welcome to Part 19 Of my Forever and Always series! And I would like to apoligize for any miss spellings because im doing this on an ipod and its very frutrating to spell correctly dumb auto correct...

Im not putting guys description well because i cant copy and paste the anything and im just way to tired and lazy to type and I hope this oart makes up fir my time lost and aywho Enjoy!:)

Created by: 33iZZy18

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  1. Okay recap: You got the Nephrite but it wasnt so easy you swear you saw green eyes staring at you and then something said "Ya sus indio efharisto" then you black out.
  2. **CAMS P.O.V** I sit at the edge of the empty underground tunnel. I hate myself right now. Not that I had much of a choice, I had to release these terrible rock monsters to go after anyone who tresspassed in the underground temple. I already know someone is their way here. Right niw they're just walking casualy and now they chose the correct tunnel. Now I just have to watch who this person is. A figure appears at the other end if the place. My heart stops beating its ____.
  3. **STILL CAMS P.O.V** I stand frozen unmoving as she gets closer and closer to the gem. I know whats going to happen next but I just can't seem to find any proper words to say anything. I watch as one of the monsters make their way towards her and throw against the wall. I have a suden urge to walk into the battle and kick some a-- but HE wont be happy about my doing if I did this... After about a minute of watching her she finally defeats it. I laugh as I see her do a small little dance. But I quickly stop as I watch three of the monsters come out and walk towards her. She gets back in fighting position. Nick taught her well. But when she jumped over one of the swings another drops her to the ground hard. I could tell shes starting to feel woozy they stand around her and they're all about to strike at one time. I paniced and I saw her. She saw me and continued to stare. This cant happen. I paniced "Ya sus indio efharisto" I quickly said. I felt myself disolve into dust and quickly place my soul inside of her. My physical body just went limp and fell. I knew I was in her body now. I create a small corce feild around me/her and when I do all of them fall towards the ground but dont destroy. I smile for I know more will come. Theres atleats 20 more sorounding me now. I smile "Rien olief" I say then theres a pulse and all of them crumble to the ground in pebbles. The Nephrite floats towards me as I cup it in our hands. "Aro Boral" then we slowly floats towards the surface as the ground make way for us. When we reach the surface I see all of them. Jason instantly reconizes my markings. I quickly float back to my physical body as she falls to the ground.
  4. **YOUR P.O.V** You wake up in a small wooden room. You look around and theres a small round window. You walk towards it and look outside and see nothing but a bright blue ocean and a clear sunny blue sky.
  5. You walk to the door and open it. Theres stairs leading up. When you walk uo you see all the guys in nothing but swim shorts. You cant help but to stare at their amazing bodies. Nick was steering, Jason was at the edge of the boat drawing on a scetch pad and Chris and Alex were shoot eachother with some water guns. You smile and lqugh at the scene before you. They all notice then you're soaked in water. Alex is floating on some type of water bubbke on top of you and is casualy leqning in there trying to whistle. "ALEX!" You shout then Chris passes you a water gun and says "Team up?" You smirk "Diffenitly." Then the both of you evaporate Alex's water bubble with fire. Then you both attack him when he falls to the ground. After about an hour of playing all of you become super hungry. When all of you are sitting down you finally decide to start asking questions. You honestly dont know what happend. All you know is that you passed out. "Well you kinda floated in the air." You almost spit out your soda "What?" "Your eyes were compketely green. And not just a normal green it was an exotic green." Chris said. You remeber the glowing green eyes that you saw down there. You gulp "Was Cam there?" You saw Jason get stiff "No, why?" You a little releived but not so much. "Nothing, anyway where are we going?"
  6. "We're going to the philliapeans, theres a small island there called Palawan Island, theres this beach Puerto Princessa beach. Thats where we're heading." Alex says answering you. " Whats going to be there?" "The third gem of water, its called moonstone It has kinda like a sedative effect. It disolves and carrys away any nevative energy, which makes the owner very happy obviously. And it could heal any wounds and its power is strongest during the full moon." He says happily. 'No wonder he always seemw to be so happy' you thought. "So you're saying if I fall and scrap my knee you could heal it?" you ask interested. "Yup let me show you." then he takes out a pocket knife "What are you doing?" You say backing away. Then he cuts the palm of hus hand open "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!??!?!?!" You ask as your getting a napkin "Just watch." Then he puts his hand in a cup of water and the water glows then he takes out his hand and theres nothing there. "Tada!" he says while doing he little hand thing. "Okay you proved your point just never do that again." "What ever you say." he says smiling.
  7. **JASONS P.O.V A FEW HOURS LATER** I cant sleep. Even is peacfully dreaming away. I havent had a dream in a long time. Its about one in the morning right now. I cant sleep. Something is bothering me. I tryed to just take my mind off things by looking at my old paintings but it wouldnt work so I decided to sit outside on the boat. I need to talk to Cam. It might be a stupid suggestion but I need advice. I stick my hand out and hold my wrist. The nmber eighting looking a bit dull on my skin. I take a deep breath 'I am so going to regret this.' Then I trace my fingers tracing the number eighteen and before I finish tracing I hesitate but finish it. The number starts to glow then I hear someone leaning on the pole right behind. "Hello Cam." He creokedly smiles and lights a cigarite. A normal brither would you should stop smoking but I gotts admit being who we are it doesnt effect our smell or health. "I need advice." He looks at me "On what living the good life?" "I had a dream." I heard his heart stop for a sec. "Thats impossible." he says as flicks the cigarite to the water. "It was about HIM." Cam looks blankly " You know he isnt a problem we made a deal." "Your last deal almost killed _-""Well he isnt one to break one I handeled the last ones but HE doesnt do that. I work with him." "Yes I know he wont hurt me, but he was talking to me about ____." his face went pale then I hear someone get up and I turn back around towards Cam and he's gone.
  8. **YOUR P.O.V** You wake up and realize that you're so unbeleivably thirsty, and feeling realy hot. You look around and see everyone else is asleep but you notice Jason is missing. You get up and start walking up the steps you feel a sligt breeze but its pretty warm outside. The only light here is a halfmoon shinning brightly." You see Jason sitting at the far edge of the boat drawing on a sketch pad. You never noticed how attractive looking he looked like under the moon. You make your way towards him and look over his sketch pad and see the ocean and the moon drawing so perfectly it looked like you were looking threw a window. You slightly touch his hand and he jumped which made you jump. "Oh ____ I didnt see you there." He says picking up his sketch pad. "Sorry didnt mean to sneak up on you." "Its fine i just thought everyone was asleep." He sits down properly for you to sit down too. "You draw beautifully." You say looking at the drawing. he smiles "thanks you wana look through it?" You smile "Sure!" You look through it and some of the drawings look really old. You look at so many things from animals to old citys and towns. "I love how you make the drawings of the old towns look like you were there." He smiles "Its a gift." Then you stumble upon a sketch of the mona lisa. You gaso at how perfect it looks. Mire better then Da Vinci himself! "How...?" "Even Da Vinci had a teacher." You laugh at his joke. You look at one of his latest drawings that he drew a few days ago and its you. On the day you first met them all at the restrant. It showed you walking a bit nervously towards them with Jenn in he backround looking happy. It was drawn so uniquely that you just smiled. Once he saw the drawing he instantly blushed hard. "Um-er-yea-uh- I can explain." You smile and the atmosphere immediatly just became so romantic. You look into his trusting soft Green eyes. The both if you are slowly closing your eyes then Jason looks towards the other side if the boat and stands up quickly, " Um sorry. Im just really tired. Good night." then he walks away quickly with ot another word.
  9. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry Sorry im terribly sorry please spare me Jason fanatics! For this had to be like this! And ik ik you must be wonderig "WHERE the hell have you been?!" But Its summer guys! Cmon ya know friends and their spontaioys ideas of drop everything and go camping for a week so :p and I was also grounded for a few days. Also I would like to have a small shout out for FIREY_SOUL! You know why! And You need to write more!!! Ik you said youll be commenting but everyone will miss your hillilarious stories and everthing! back to my story sorry for the miss spelling you know its not usually like this but im typeing this on an Ipod! and it very frustrating to go back and correct everything.. Gosh I think I say sirry way to much xP
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