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  • Why do I have a feeling that Jason wasn't joking when he said "Even Da Vinch had a teacher"? Or however you spell his name :P. And I'm using an IPod. I like because if I misspell a word, it puts a red underline under it and I can just hold my finger on the word and then "Select, Select All, Paste, and then those two arrows show up in the last box" so I just hit select, and then it highlights it and says "Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace" and I hit replace and it shows up a word that you meant to put, so you just hit it. XD. And YES!! I'm excited about training with Alex too!!!!

    This was an awesome part and I can't wait for the next!! :D.

  • Thank you Cam. Now stop smoking *smacks away ciggie* What does he mean by "we've been partners since the beginning, literally"? Third brother? WHOA BACK UP :O Like, Jason and Cam's evil twinnie brother. And then the third brother also has that 18 tattoo and-*gets sock stuffed in mouth* I am getting way to far ahead of myself XD

  • @ivoryleaf: Nope not a brother or any family... But it is something worse >:) everything will be explaned eventualy when it gets closer and closer to the end

    @DaughterOfA pollo: Lol thanks for explaining XD but ut seems too complicated... anywho that feeling that Jason wasnt kidding... id say trust your gut>:)

    @Twisted_ Roots: Aw why dint you give Cam a chance? :)

  • o.o you need to get these out closer together! i don't know who i like :( but i KNOW its NOT Cam >:(


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