Forbidden love: Secrets. part 4

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Well hello again, i'm so sorry for not writing in a while, i was busy and stressed and well i needed to find my creative flow again. Alot of you have been asking for this one so i granted your wish.

Ok, i know this is shorter than the rest of my other chapters or whatever and i'm really sorry for that! Please forgive me! Anyway, i just wanted to get this out quicker for you guys and yeah. I hope you like it.

Created by: hazelfangsbite

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  1. He dragged your dress up past your hips, while his mouth was teasing yours. His lips were purposely missing yours so yours would get feisty and just straight on kiss his lips hard. And that’s exactly what you did. You could feel him smirk against your lips as his hands held your hips and squeezed them. You pulled away, panting, but not looking at him. He grunts and mutters something that you don't quite hear. "Excuse me?" You ask, a little harshly. He gave you an odd look "what?" You rolled your eyes "you said something, i just said excuse me as in 'could you repeat that again?'" He raised an eyebrow "i didn't say anything" "sure you didn't" he smirked "i didn't, are you feeling sick or something?" Before you could answer he pressed his lips against your forehead, then he led a trail of kisses down your forehead and softly onto your nose. You closed your eyes and felt his lips moving down to yours then down to your neck. He kissed your neck softly, nibbling it a little. You smiled faintly. Then he stopped abruptly, you frowned, wondering why he stopped... You looked behind you, it was that slut, this time she was wearing black high-waisted shorts, bright pink high heels and a grey boob tube. You heard Drew curse under his breath as he moved away from you. You kept your back turned to her; you were still looking at Drew confused. You felt a pair of bony hands grip you should. They turned you around, your eyes met with hers as she turned you around "huh, Drew it seems that you've gotten yourself another little play toy" you silently grind your teeth. Drew laughed coldly, he obviously didn't like her calling you a play toy "Amy, your just jealous that you’re not her." Amy snorted; you tried not to roll your eyes in disgust since Amy still had a firm grip on your shoulder as well as being right in front of you. "She's a pretty little thing, although i didn't think she would be.. your, uh type"
  2. You resisted the urge to growl; Amy was really pushing you off the edge. Drew rolled his eyes, he didn't seem to like Amy very much either... except when he kisses her. Drew looped his arm around your waist and pulled you out of Amy's grasp. Amy hissed slightly, obviously she wasn't used to guys resisting her. Drew smirked at her "why don't you find John? I'm pretty sure HE still enjoys your company." You laugh as Amy stormed off; Drew smiled at you, squeezing your side. You bit your lip slightly and looked at him. He was looking ahead, but then he saw you staring... He smiled, his lips parting into a slight, amused pout. You rolled your eyes, smiling smugly at Drew. He raised an eyebrow, his lips parting more. You rolled your eyes and looked straight ahead, to stop yourself from flirting intensely with him, otherwise you'd probably ending up naked the next morning sleeping next to him, who would also be naked. You feel your heart beat faster at that thought, you felt yourself going hot, and somehow only bloody Drew could do this to you. You sighed loudly, blowing away, slightly frustrated, a piece of hair. Drew watched you blow away the small strand of hair, his eyes were growing darker, a small growl escaped his lips. You shuddered in desire, licking your lips to keep them from looking dry.
  3. Drew's eyes followed your tongue, lust written all over his eyes. You smirked, deciding to have a little fun with Drew, you moved closer to him, and brought his ear down to your lips where you whispered sensually, "take me to your room." Drew closed his eyes, moaning softly while he gripped you tightly. You gasped, loving the feeling of him gripping you tightly, it made you feel protected, and wanted. "What are we going to do in my room?" He asked huskily. You shivered with pleasure by his lust filled voice. "Take me and you'll see" you teased, seeing his eyes darken even more. He pressed you against him, his hard member pressing against your core. You couldn't help but let out a little moan, you could feel yourself heating up even more. His tongue traced your ear, "Why don't you do what you want to do out here?" He asked, grinding himself slightly against you. Your heart fluttered, while your nails dug into his back. Drew groaned, he seemed to like you being rough with him, if you called this rough.
  4. "Well you won't want others seeing what I would do to you, would you?" He smirked; his hard member was getting you slightly excited. "I wouldn't mind" he simply answered. "Oh really, you wouldn't mind to see other men following me with lust filled eyes because they saw what I did to you?" He growled, crushing you against him. "Your mine" he snarled. You moaned out loud, you didn't know how pleasurable seeing Drew angry would be, but what really got you turned on was the 'your mine.' In the blink of an eye you were in Drew's room. "How-" Drew cut you off with his lips. Your lips were syncing, like you were made for each other. But this isn't what you wanted right now; you wanted to see Drew all turned on and lusty. You pushed Drew away from him. He growled again, but all you did was smirk and shove him onto the bed. Next you straddle him, your legs at his side. His hard member was big and clear, Drew didn't even seem fazed by how big it was, all he was paying attention to was you. You nibbled his ear, making him grip your hips tightly. His eyes were closed and he was moaning in desire.
  5. You moved your head down to his neck. Your tongue flicking out and savouring the sweet taste of him. Drew's breath was becoming heavy and laboured already. Your teeth grazed his skin, which gained you another sexy moan. You nibbled and sucked on his skin, while he moaned and groaned. You grinded against him, the delicious smell of arousal drifted in the air. Drew lifted your head and met your lips with his hungrily. You flat out teased, and kissed him, his skin against yours was hot and sweaty. You couldn't help but smile inwardly to yourself, oh how easy this was. You placed a hand on his chest, dragging it down until he started growling in your mouth. You shivered, yet kept playing with him. The poor aroused Drew was getting harder and harder by the minute. You could feel his large member pressing against the inside of your thighs. 'Oh wouldn't it be easy to give up now?' You thought. You started pulling off his shirt, detaching your mouth from his to succeed in getting the shirt off his sexy lean body. You threw his shirt to the side and ran your fingers seductively down his chiselled chest. He shuddered under your touch which made you smirk. You leaned down and traced his six-pack with your tongue, going lower and lower until you reached his V. When you got to that point Drew growled loudly which only encouraged you more.
  6. You bit the skin of his V, making him dig his fingers into your hips and cry out your name. "Say it again" you whispered, very aroused by the way he cried you out your name. He shook his head slightly making you grin wickedly. "Fine." You said, before moving your lips back up to his chest. You let your tongue lick his excellent pecks. He moaned but he still didn't cry out your name. So you bit his peck, sucking it hard. He gave you the reaction you were aiming for. "Oh God!" He yelled out, "___!" You looked at him with a catty smile. "That's better." You breathed, nibbling his pec once again. He growled his eyes darker than pitch black. You breathed in his arousal, which smelt stronger than ever. "Oh Drew" you cooed, "You liked that didn't you?" You asked his with a sultry smile. He groaned, shutting his eyes tight, fantasying. "Come on" you whispered, "open your eyes" you coaxed; leaning down once again, and let your breath tickle his collarbone. He moaned and opened his eyes hazily. "Don't play with me" he threatened huskily, "Otherwise" he continued "you'll be punished."
  7. You licked your lips slowly, in a teasing manner. "Oh really?" You purred. "Really. I'll rip your clothes off if you continue and take you to the highest point of ectasy, making you scream my name as i shove my d--- hard into you one last time before you orgasmn. I'll lap up your juices and suck you drier than the Atacama desert." He whispered huskliy. You shuddered, imagining that. Drew sniffed and smirked, he had obviously smelt your sudden arousal that had appeared at those erotic words. You laughed, with a daring look in your eyes. "I doubt it." You whispered, licking the curve of his lips, he closed his eyes again in a moment of pure bliss before opening his eyes and watching you with his lust filled gaze...
  8. CLIFFHANGER! Psh, i forgot how to spell cliffhanger xD Um sorry for not writting in quite a while! I just needed to get my writing juices back. And sorry its so short, i just wanted this to get out quicker.. So yeah.. Who do you like so far?
  9. Ok now the rest is just bull pulp...
  10. Well yeah thanks for reading!

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