~Forbidden Love~ notice

to readers of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. thanks so much for following me to here and i just wanted to notify you of some issues... please read the following quiz...

so this pretty much sums up my dilemma that i keep having technological difficulties. please follow the instructions so given in this quiz (if it gets out) and you can read part 12. thx so much... bye!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. okay this is for all ~ Forbidden Love~ fans...
  2. just wanted to let you know that i'm NOT giving up this quiz
  3. you do realize i'm just buying time right? it says i need 12 questions so i'm just gonna stall for a while but keep reading anyway
  4. btw... doesn't really matter what you pick for the possible answers below. they're all the same
  5. well, i just wanted to let you know im having some technical difficulties with this quiz
  6. so, i'm trying to see what i could do and i'd like you to check my gotoquiz account.... in case you don't know it, it's Cheese1234
  7. it's titled ~Forbidden Love~p12 and just click on it to read it.
  8. if it doesn't show up, please notify me on the comments page of part 11.
  9. thats all i need to say
  10. so, lah-dee-dah-dee-dah

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