How Well Do You Know School Notice?

School Notice: the show based off of the TV series Burn Notice. It tells the story of young Micheal Weston and his friends thirty years before he was burned.

How much do you know about School Notice? Do you have excellent observation skills and know all the answers to the questions... or are you not quite ready to be a spy yet.

Created by: School Notice
  1. How old is Jack in Episode 1?
  2. What color sweat-shirt does Hal wear before he climbs the wall in Episode 1?
  3. What does Hal bring with him for lunch in Episode 1?
  4. Micheal Weston eats what in the beginning of Episode 1?
  5. In Episode 2, what is the case for the bomb fron Jack's locker?
  6. The evil villian who teams up with Johnson in Episode 2 has which color shirt?
  7. Micheal Weston mentions that his smoke bomb in Episode 1 has what in it?
  8. Micheal does what to Jack in Episode 2 when he says, "I think I'm in love?"
  9. Hal says what in Episode 1 when he hits the frog with the yo-yo?
  10. Hal has escaped from the detention office how many times?
  11. Fiona has how many guns when she rescues Micheal and Hal?
  12. They call Jack the what?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know School Notice?