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You are witnessing the final chapters of ~ Forbidden Love~ Hey. I know most of you are probably very angry at me for stopping for a series of months after I said it would be done after a month or so, but, I was so caught up in other things, that I couldn't do this. I'm really sorry and I'll try to do these faster. It took me a lot of time to come up with these ideas and put them together. So, I hope you'll enjoy this. Please read a few quizzes before this since you probably don't remember it.

Oh! And I almost forgot! Here is the love quote for the quiz: "isn't it ironic? We ignore the ones who adore us, adore the ones who ignore us, love the ones who hurt us, and hurt the ones that love us." WARNING: this one is very long. Sorry if it's too long. If you think it is, please comment and let me know what you think. Once again, I need suggestions. O.K. now you can read the quiz.

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  1. Layla telepathized the streak that the guys were really scared. They kept thinking that they're gonna win but then they say that they can't. You heard footsteps come up behind the streak but they all held they're position. You sniffed the air...
  2. vampires! You whipped around and so did Isaac. The rest of the streak resumed position. The popular group chuckled. You glared at the group of Vampires surrounding your streak. They weren't from the D.B. but they were odd. Something about them seemed comforting but you didn't trust that feeling. "Hello." One spoke. She stepped up from the group of three. Her hair was a fiery red and eyes were hazel green. She was dressed in a light pink and dark pink plaid shirt with shady flair jeans. Her shoes were brown flats and she wore a great big smile with pearl white teeth. Her hair was blown out wards which made her seem like she came out of a Barbie Doll box.
  3. "My name's Riley but you guys can call me Ri." she continued, "These are my friends, "Violet and Andrew." She held out a hand in front of a girl with black hair and purple streaks. It was combed to slightly cover part of her lavender eye. She wore a black T-shirt with the words, "don't be fooled by my looks" printed in bright purple. She had skin-tight black skinny jeans and killer black heels. As a form of greeting you she just nodded. Then Riley held her other hand out to Andrew who had dark brown hair and eyes. He wore a nice shirt that normal people would take to parties and black trousers. His shirt was an attractive red and his Vans matched it. He finished off his looks with a winning smile that melted all the popular girls' hearts. You heard the jocks' hearts beat faster when Riley spoke in her soft and innocent voice. Of course, you and Isaac knew otherwise.
  4. Isaac was not as influenced (though you did notice he checked her out at least once). Still, he was strong. He asked Riley, "What are you doing here?" Violet answered, seeming impatient, "John sent us." You and Isaac looked at each other with the same question: Who's John? Andrew answered and you admit, his voice was deep and hot, "you know, from the letter?" The letter you wanted to burn? That was his name? The leader of the other streak? John? Was he the man from your nightmares? Your heart began to beat faster and harder at the thought of it. Violet eyed you, skeptically. There was a moment of silence.
  5. . You broke it, "for what?" Violet answered, more skeptical this time, "To make sure you get there safely. We heard you were having some trouble lately." Luke mumbled, "Clearly. We're a little busy right now." Riley heard and she said, "Not my fault you put yourselves in this position." Then she walked off towards the jocks saying, "Anyone want to join me for a walk?" The jocks instinctively followed her. The princesses glared at them, mouths open. Brittany scoffed and walked off with her clones. You turned back to Violet and Andrew, now aware that Violet never took her eyes off you. "She'll meet us at the airport. Right now, you better start getting home. We've lost enough time already." Violet explained. She turned around and led the way to your house.
  6. Andrew slowed his pace enough to walk by you. You felt your body tense, uncomfortably. "Relax. I don't bite." He said, resting his arm around your shoulder. He clearly didn't understand her standards. You growled, burning his arm off, "but I do. Maintain your distance." He jumped back with a slight hiss. Violet, without stopping or turning around said, "serves you right for hitting on John's chick." Your eyes turned red, "I am NO ONE'S chick!" you shouted. Crap! She was testing you. She stopped to face you, "not right now you aren't." an evil grin spread across her face. You risked a glance in the guys' direction once she continued walking. Jake looked like he was keeping to himself. Luke was looking mournful. When he noticed you looking at him, he smiled, nervously. Carlos was staring at you the entire time. He gave you a crooked smile and kept that sad look in his eyes.
  7. *Fast Forward* you're in the Amazon Jungle. Jake seems like he's having trouble walking. You walked over to him and transformed. You bowed your head, telling him you're offering him a ride. Violet eyed you, curiously. He shook his head after tripping over a tree root. You swept him over your head and he grabbed your fur, frightened. Layla told everyone what you telepathized, "she said "˜let's go for a run.'" Everyone transformed and started running. Carlos got a ride on Luke and the vamps caught up pretty quickly, leading the way. You were right on Luke's tail when he suddenly stopped, knocking you into him. You transformed back when you were pushed back into Jake.
  8. All you heard was a thud and an "oof!" Jake broke your fall. You landed in his arms and your head on his strong chest. You lay there for a few seconds, listening to his peaceful breaths. Then Luke broke the peace, standing up and rubbing his head as he said, "Geez, if ya wanted to touch my butt, all had to do was ask!" you giggled, getting off of Jake. You continued the joke, "Sorry, it was so tempting!" He laughed harder, finishing the joke, "yeah... "˜cause I'm irresistible like that."
  9. You were lying on the ground beside Jake as he began to rise. He held out his hand to offer his help as he said, "you're welcome. I broke your fall. Did you get a good feel of those abs?" you giggled, taking his hand, "yeah. They rocked. You got some stone hard abs, man." he smiled at you, grateful for the complement. After dusting yourself off, you noticed you were in front of a very large house disguised as millions of trees and vines. "Is this for us?" Dulce asked in awe of the building. "For now."Violet answered plainly. "soon, you will have an even better house. I'm not allowed to know where, of course." Riley pitched in. you didn't even notice she'd returned. You walked in, picking a room to get settled in. you didn't bother unpacking. It was too depressing to know that soon, you will be married to someone you didn't even know. What if you just escaped, right now? You could say you want to visit the city then "get lost" somewhere. Suddenly a voice came from the doorway.
  10. . It was Violet, "I wouldn't be thinking that if I were you. John would be very angry if his woman ran off. He's been waiting a lifetime for you." You whipped around to see her, a telepath. "Wrong." She stated, "more like a mind reader. Your friend, Layla is the telepath around here." Suddenly, a thought hit you, "How long have you been reading my mind?" you asked. "Since I first met you." She answered bluntly. *crap!* you thought. "yup! Don't worry. I won't tell John. I'm not THAT evil." She walked off, casually. You sighed and threw yourself onto the Queen sized bed. * Pretty big for one person.* you thought. Layla replied, unexpectedly, * yeah, tell me about it. Am I getting a mate, too?* then she theoretically winked.
  11. You closed the door and proceeded to clean the room. You didn't like the large bed. It was uncomfortable. You climbed out the window to sit on a tree branch not far from the house. There was a loose leaf that was as big as you. A thought struck your mind and you plucked it out of the tree. You spent about an hour, walking through the jungle, collecting vines and large leafs. When you began to hear Isaac screaming your name (very angrily) off the top of his lungs, you rushed to him, leaves and all. You arrived at the house and saw everyone running around, panicking. You heard soft weeping coming from a nearby closet. You opened it and saw Dulce. You dropped the vines and leaves and curled her onto your lap, "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" you drowned her in questions. You couldn't help seeing members of your streak cry. Especially the sweetest person of all, Dulce!
  12. "You're back! I thought you ditched us!" she gasped between breaths. "Isaac is too scary when he's angry. Jeez, I'm a mess. Sorry you had to see me this way. I'm just scared. He thought you left and he's been blowing his top all afternoon!" You processed the words as she spit the words out too quickly until you replied, "sheesh! I was only gone an hour! Where is he? I'll go calm him down." She pointed upstairs and let you out. As much as she acted like a child, she wasn't as naí¯ve as one. She stayed in the closet, knowing things would get worse. You sighed, carefully walking up the stairs, each step feeling like an eternity. Riley rushed down them, her face completely transformed, looking terrified.
  13. She caught her breath as she said, "thank goodness you're here! I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life since I transformed!" you replied nervously, "oh, trust me. This is just the beginning." She ran down the stairs, Violet and Andrew right on her tail. "Good luck!" Andrew passed you, leaving a cold kiss on your check. He took off before you could react.
  14. You were outside his bedroom, the door was slammed shut and you could feel the wind destroying everything in there. you took a deep breath, readying yourself for whatever dangers your twin brother had prepared for you. You put your hand on the door handle. You could feel him. His rage, disappointment, worry, and fear spread chills all over your body. As you turned the knob, you felt ice prickly at the back of your neck. You took one very deep breath and swung open the door. A gush of wind blew the hair off your shoulders and made it dance above your head. You squinted your eyes, trying to see through dust and small furniture flying all over the room. A deep voice called out, "Leave me alone, I said!" it was Isaac. Just then, a chair appeared out of the tornado and jumped at you. It barely missed and you thanked yourself for having such flexibility. You praised yourself for a moment, remembering "The Matrix".
  15. Then you snapped back to the topic as you shouted over the wind's cry, "it's me! Isaac! It's me!" the wind calmed, a little. You got a flash of where he was. He was in the center of the room, of the tornado. You stepped forward slightly and the door slammed shut behind you. "_____? It can't be you. You ran away. You were gone for hours, now." Hours? How long were you asleep? How long did you take to collect the leaves? "What? No! I was asleep. I fell asleep on a tree, not far from the house. Then I searched for leaves and vines to make a canopy bed! I didn't ditch you guys!" you called over to him. The winds stopped. He was standing, eyes changing between red and yellow. He still looked furious. You spoke, "I would never ditch you guys." You began to feel light headed and you knew he was in your mind, searching for something. *listen to me! I would NEVER ditch you guys. Even if it meant sacrificing my freedom. My happiness.* you thought.
  16. He mumbled softly, "you're not the only one." You rushed into his arms, glad he's calm. But it hurt you so much that he was sad. "What? I thought you wanted this to happen. You were excited about the date." You asked, confused. He shook his head, "I'm just better at hiding things. I wouldn't be able to do any of this without you. I wouldn't be able to handle the streak, the date, and the nightmares. The thought of you running away and having a free, happy life was depressing. I would have to stay here, married to a stranger."
  17. "you had the nightmares too? What about?" you asked. He released your gaze, turning away. He spoke, "the date. A beautiful woman was lost in the forest. She looked very familiar. she was hurt. She had something wrong with her knee so ran to her to help. She froze in her tracks, looking terrified. So, I stopped. I said, "˜I'm trying to help you. Are you okay?' and she didn't answer. She just looked at me as if I was a ghost. I got closer and I recognized her. And she wasn't looking at me. She was looking past me. Behind me. I didn't know what to do. Whether to run to her or turn around. But I got a feeling that whatever I do; I won't be able to change my mind. Plus, I had to do it fast. So I ran to her.
  18. . But every step I took, she was further and further away. I couldn't reach her. As I ran, I looked behind me. And what I saw, I didn't want to believe." "What did you see?" the words left your mouth, softly. He shook his head. I saw...
  20. Oh! Read the top!

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