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you are witnessing the final chapters of the my love life series. i'm glad most of you have followed me to this. and thank you all so much for being patient with me in this

listen, i have a life and i just started school again. so, spending most of my time on the computer until my battery dies is not helping me okay? please be patient and comment

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off at: you realized who it was. you were shocked to see him walk away from the darkness to you. it was...
  2. BRYAN?! how could it be him? no, impossible. it is? why?! he walked over to Zera and she asked with a broken voice, "you. why you? your my cousin. you sent me on this mission to help her. while you just try to kill her." he answered her with a cold voice, "yes. i sent you to help her. only because my aunts took better care of you than me. they raised you like the daughter you were. a vampire taken in by angels and raised right. to protect others. that's why i fell. because of you! and this, would be the perfect way to get rid of you. its a suicide mission. everyone knows that." they kept arguing when Zera spit in his face and shouted, "your not worth the power of the royal counsel!!" then he punched her in the gut. hard.
  3. he turned to you and you immediately avoided his gaze. he chuckled and faced you. you sighed and looked down. he put his thumb under your chin and lifted your head. you moved your head out of the way and he said, "It's too bad you didn't join Andrew and Bell. you would have been great".
  4. he looked at you and was waiting for a response. he looked you up and down and bit his lip. you rolled your eyes and replied, "you know i'm the rightful ruler!"
  5. he chuckled and replied, "if your the rightful ruler, then why are you down here chained to a wall instead of sitting on a throne being fed grapes?" you gave him a stare down while you answered, "because in order to win, you have to begin. and i start at the beginning. everyone knows cheaters always lose in the end." he smiled and leaned into your ear as he whispered, "not in this game, jules. not this time". and he kissed your cheek.
  6. by the time he pulled away, someone walked through the door. you sighed when you saw Andrew. geez! how many times does this guy have to kidnap you to get the point? he's NOT going to kill you! is he?
  7. you shake off the chill in the room that came along with him and roll your eyes when he gave you that stupid wink along with the crooked smile. you get a flashback. *flashback* the first day of school in freshmen year. you'r walking through the large doors and everyone stops and stares. you feel the heat in your cheeks spread as they continue their conversations. the guys whistle as you pass by and you see one very special guy. Andrew. the same crooked smile and wink that made your heart skip a beat. *end of flashback* but now, you feel nothing. only anger and resentment.
  8. you see Bryan is gone. you assumed Andrew sent him off. he walked over to Zera and started arguing with her about something. they were speaking too low for you to hear. he gets angry and and raises his hand to her face. he tightens up to a fist and throws it down and she fell along with it.
  9. he walked over to you and you immediately asked, "why? they were my friends! plus, he was an angel!!!" then he looked down and smiled as he answered, "fallen angel. you know, it is very rare for this to happen but, some fallen angels turn to dark angels. he is one in 10 do turn to dark angel. isn't it amazing. Anyway, i brought you a little something. something i'd like you to see before you die." you looked confused. what more could he do to you?
  10. Bryan comes back into the room along with two more people. you look closely and find two men tied hands to the their backs and sacks over their heads.
  11. he threw them to the ground forced to be on your knees. then, Andrew put his hand to your face. you felt an icy cold hand on your throat but nothing was there. he curled his hand into a fist and all of a sudden you felt your insides twist up. he tightened it and now something cold was choking you. he threw his arm down to the side and you broke through the chains, relieving the pain, and you fell to the ground.
  12. you lifted your head a little as Bryan lifted the sacks from the two men's heads. you were surprised to see,
  13. Aaron and Tony!!!!! they were both breathing heavily and they've never looked so... weak. "Julie!" Aaron exclaimed. he tried rushing to you but Andrew put his hand out forcing Aaron to lean his head down and groan. you couldn't help but scream, "no! don't stop it!" as you tried to attack Andrew with your powers. he laughed and slammed you two the wall. he made you crawl back to him and you've never felt so, vulnerable.
  14. you wee on your side by then. staring at Tony and Aaron while they gave you apologetic looks. you gave them a look of forgiveness.but then Andrew grabbed your hair pulling you up, forcing you to kneel. he tortured the guys some more and their groans and hisses made you feel guilty. you tried to lung toward them and try to heal them in some way, but when you could even move, Andrew yanked back your hair and put something cold and sharp to your throat.
  15. your heart burned up and skipped plenty of beats in fear. its as if your heart wanted to run away out of fear and leave you lying there hopeless. you started to breath heavily but quietly. you just had this feeling that this would be the end.
  16. he pressed his icy, stone lips to your ear and whispered with a heartless voice, "i just thought you might wanna see something before i kill you tonight". you froze. uneasy. unsteady. shaking with fear.
  17. as soon as Tony and Aaron fell to the ground on their backs groaning and hissing the words, "julia, get away. im sorry." but just as Andrew's hand was starting to curl into a fist, the door was knocked down. it was Cat!!
  18. you looked at her in surprise as she was wearing an all black butt-kicking suit with her hair up in a straight ponytail. she looked really good. she raised her hand at Aaron as he stared in shock. you knew he was totally checking her out. he looked her up and down at least 5 times by now. you rolled your eyes as he dropped his hand as well as your hair. then, she said, "i don't think so". she took one step forward and he got up and ran through the door. anger took over your body once again and as you charged towards him, Cat helped the boys with a potion she made. you followed him out to the hall and he quickly stopped and turned around. you froze because you looked into his eyes as they reached a new level of darkness. as you fell to the ground, the last thing you saw was Tony untie himself running to you with Aaron and Cat charging at Andrew. cliffhanger!
  19. btw. you might wanna read the two intro paragraphs.

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