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You are witnessing the final chapters of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. ok, i'm really sorry. this is the 2nd to last quiz for this series. the next one is the grand finale. i will have 2 quizzes for that one. one will say the Carlos version, if you like Carlos, or the John, version if you like John.

i'm really sorry for taking so long to write this quiz. it was hard for me to complete it when im drowning in homework. ill try to get the next one out quickly. at the end of this quiz series, ill introduce the next one coming out. hope you like it.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. You saw them sitting on the wall that separated the tunnels and you sat in front of them. "What up?" Isaac said. They nodded at him and looked at you, "Andrew's okay. What's going on here?" Carlos was staring at the ground. Then he looked at yo. Your eyes turned yellow in curiosity and he smiled slightly, "____, Isaac, I desperately need your help."
  2. "What do you need? I'll take care of it."Isaac replied. Before Carlos could reply, I did, "he wants us to find his sister." "Not find. I know where she is. I want you to... I NEED you to help me get her before they do something to her." Carlos said. We nodded and all ran back to the center of the tunnels.
  3. We met up with everyone and john asked, "So what do we do now?" Carlos answered and said, "She's with them. I saw her. Oh, you should have seen her, she is so beautiful. They sent her to look for us, to try to connect to me. Those buttheads, they go right for the sensitive areas. Luckily, she hasn't had the exact training to force herself into someone's mind. I can teach her that later. Please, just help me get her."
  4. We all nodded. "So what's the plan?" Isaac asked. You answered, "All I know is that they don't know I'm alive. They think I'm dead. That gives us an advantage." Jamie questioned, "yeah but won't they catch your scent?" "True." John added. "Not really," Carlos commented, "remember when we kidnapped you the first time?" Isaac raised an eyebrow, "you what?" You hushed him.
  5. Carlos continued, "You gave your jacket to that girl on the street. You disappeared." You began to nod, "that's right. I took a jacket from a nearby house to mask my scent. You guys never caught on." "Exactly!" Carlos said, "Mask your scent with a different one." "Yeah but with what? A human? Animal?" Violet shook her head, "no. even better." Everyone turned to look at her. "What?" Andrew asked. She took out a jacket from her bag, "Riley."
  6. *Fast Forward* "ok so everyone knows the plan?" Violet asked for the 50th time. "YES!!" Andrew hissed. You were dressed in Riley's old clothes. You were all huddled together in groups. You were squeezing Isaac's hand out of pure nerves. He winced a little but never let go. If anything, he squeezed it back. "Everyone ready?" John asked. Layla sucked in a sharp breath and spoke, "let's go."
  7. You and John were paired up. After letting go of Isaac's hand, John led the way down a hall. "I don't even know where we are" you whispered. He chuckled, "Jamie teleported us to where Carlos said. I think it's called the vampire's lair." "Vampire's lair?" you repeated. He nodded with a smirk, "more like a freaky bat cave" You held in your laugh, trying not to call attention through sound.
  8. "There." John whispered. He was pointing at a hole, small enough for an animal to fit through. "I'll hide there. You go and wait for the signal." He commanded. Something twisted inside of you. You knew what you were supposed to do but you hated having someone tell you what to do. Instinctively, you replied, "I know what I'm supposed to do. I don't need to hear it twice." He raised an eyebrow but ignored your comment and crawled into the hole.
  9. Fifteen minutes passed and you were still standing in a corner, hoping nobody would come. You were starting to feel uneasy. It's been a while and still no signal. Finally, after another 15 minutes, Isaac used the streak's bond to say, *it's all good. _____ get ready. Everyone else, Go.*
  10. John nodded to you, "I'm out of here. ____, Good luck." You nodded back at him, "good luck to you. Try not to get hurt." He disappeared into the hole. After another few minutes you heard doors slam and people screaming. The battle has begun. Cliffhanger!!

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