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You are witnessing the final chapters of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. hey guys! i know this took a while but my schedule is super busy! i'm typing in a rush. anyway, i'm trying to figure out how to end this soon. should i? any suggestions for this story? please comment in the comments page!

so here's the love quote for this quiz, : "It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone else"-Marilyn Monroe. so please comment and rate! i'm sorry for getting this out so late!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. It was Carlos! He stumbled out of the bush, breathless. Something lit up inside you but you pushed it back down. Unconsciously, you glanced at John. He probably recognized Carlos from Violet’s vision. John looked uncomfortable but you ignored it. You ran to him, catching him when he almost fell, “Carlos! What’s wrong?” He was trying to catch his breath as he explained, “____...They’re coming. Not close enough… to smell you. The D.B… is looking for him.” He pointed at John.
  2. “Don’t worry. I can teleport, too.” Jamie cut in. Everyone but John turned to her, surprised. No one spoke a word but her, “What? You didn’t know?”I shook my head in unison with Isaac. “The only problem is that I can only teleport 2 people at a time. Not including me.” She explained. Isaac shrugged, “my record is 4. You take John and Violet. I’ll take ____ and Carlos.” Jamie nodded in agreement. You clung to Isaac for dear life. You never liked teleporting. It made you a little light-headed. Carlos, on the other hand, didn’t have a problem with it once you arrived in the hidden tunnels.
  3. Everyone was calm. Some were asleep and some were just chillin’. Layla ran up to you and squeezed you tight. You coughed then laughed. “Hey. I already died once. Don’t bother Carlos by reviving me again.” She quickly let go and smiled, “sorry. I’m just so happy you’re alive. The streak’s fine. Everyone’s relaxing and Dulce and Renzo are sound asleep. We only have one problem.” Your face turned to a worried expression, “what? What is it?” She sighed, “Its Andrew.” you turned to Violet and John. They looked worried.
  4. “Uhh... do you guys want to wait here? I’ve got to handle this.” you said, practically telling them to stay there. John hesitated and Isaac was about to protest but you gave them the “eye”. Isaac backed down immediately and John closed his mouth in submission. You turned your back to them and Layla lead the way deeper into the tunnel. You two walked for about 3 minutes when there was a fork in the tunnel that lead to a dead end. If you were human you wouldn’t have seen a thing but thank goodness your tiger senses were awake because you saw him curled into a ball in a corner leaning on the wall.
  5. “Hey”. You said softly as you slowly stepped closer to him. He was taking extremely slow breaths, “hey”. He sounded exhausted. “Are you okay?” you asked. He looked up at you with tired eyes, “shouldn’t I be asking you that?” he tried to chuckle. You knelt beside him, “What’s wrong? What hurts?” You examined him. His once perfectly white shirt was now gray and ripped.
  6. His trousers were also ripped but they had blood stains on it. He replied, “nothing physically, mostly emotionally. Carlos healed my physical wounds. I’m just tired and depressed.” You let out a breath in relief, “okay then,” you sat beside him and focused your attention on Layla, “Layla, tell them he’s fine. I’ll be back in a few.” Layla nodded and ran off.
  7. “Tell me all about it.” You said, supporting him. He dug his head in his hands, “I can’t believe Riley’s dead. I can’t believe Violet killed her. I thought we were all in this together. Like a family. I thought we were supposed to be a family.” You bowed your head, unsure of what to say, “Sometimes things don’t happen how you plan them to. I didn’t plan on meeting ‘the guys’. All I planned on was preparing for the date. I didn’t plan on losing my parents. I planned on moving to the jungle with them. But like I said, things don’t always turn out how you plan them to.”
  8. “Yeah, it sucks.” He replied. “You know, they’re here right now? Violet, John, and Jamie, I mean. They’re pretty worried about you. You should go talk to them.” He bit his lip, “I don’t know. They might be mad at me, I couldn’t save you.” You stood up and offered him your hand, “they won’t. Violet couldn’t save me either. I’m alive now and all else is forgiven and forgotten. Now go say ‘hi’ to you old friends.” You heaved him off the ground and he escorted you to the main area of the tunnel.
  9. You two saw Violet and John talking in one corner and Isaac and Jamie chatting in the other. You smiled. It’s the first time in a very long time that you’ve seen Isaac smile. Or at least smile like that. He was grinning from ear to ear. As you got closer to him, you noticed he was laughing very hard and so was Jamie. You can’t blame her. Isaac’s really funny. It’s been a while since he’s been like that. His humor obviously returned.
  10. “Hey.” You said with a small grin. Jamie looked up, “Andrew!” She gave him a quick hug and examined him, double checking for wounds. “Hey. I’m fine. Good as new.” Andrew informed. “Good.” John commented, “Nice job out there, man.” Andrew looked a little guilty but then John put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Andrew perked up and then asked, “Hey, where’s Violet?” You looked around and found someone else missing. You then asked a similar question, “and where’s Carlos?”
  11. Everyone looked around. You glanced nervously at John and Isaac. John looked like he was hiding his hurt expression but Isaac looked like he was on a hunt. After a few moments, Isaac broke the silence, “he’s with Violet. I can smell him. They’re not that far. They’re talking but I can’t understand them.” You immediately asked, “Where are they?” Isaac held up a finger to your lips in order to shush you. He’s always done that and it was getting annoying.
  12. You bit his finger and he shook it, “ouch!” a smirk grew on your face, “how many times do I have to do that before you get the hint?” He looked slightly amused, “what hint?” You made the fire rise in your eyes and Isaac cleared his throat, “Hint taken.” You chuckled. “They’re in the corner of some fork in the tunnel.” He informed you. “Let’s go.” You said as you began walking in the same direction you came from. Isaac told the others to stay behind. Only you and Isaac went. You had a feeling that this was your guys’ business. Isaac must have had the same feeling.
  13. You saw them sitting on the wall that separated the tunnels and you sat in front of them. “What up?” Isaac said. They nodded at him and looked at you, “Andrew’s okay. What’s going on here?” Carlos was staring at the ground. Then he looked at yo. Your eyes turned yellow in curiosity and he smiled slightly, “____, Isaac, I desperately need your help.” CLIFFHANGER!!!!

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