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hi. please dont be mad! okay, i understand if you are mad. iv taken such a long time to do this quiz and for it to be not as long as my other ones. iv been really caught up with grades since school startede. yesterday i didnt have homework so i worked on this.

i hope you can bear with me. im just gonna put up random quotes that i like now, k? ill see you next time i have time. k? bye! People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. ~Elisabeth Kí¼bler-Ross~

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. left off:Carlos spoke, "we just want to talk to you". he glanced at the girls, "alone" luke finished his sentence. you refused and so did the girls. next thing you know...
  2. you black out. you once again dream about your parents' death only this time, you remember 3 people attacking you. you hesitated, and one of them disappeared, chills ran up your spine and... you woke up
  3. you couldn't open your eyes. they were too heavy.you were about to force them open but then you felt the bed shake., you smelled:human, sensed: unease. you tried to figure out your surroundings but all you heard were soft voices and traffic. the room felt like it was spinning with all the commotion. the ars honking, people murmuring, other whispering, footsteps outside, a girl crying, a boy shouting, and a little further away, a girl shivering. you focus on the nearest voice. two voices... what? no! it.. it can't be. them?
  4. you smelled the room and heard someone snoring , there must have been someone sleeping on a couch or chair. a girl was crying not far from the guy sleeping. two people were sitting on ur bed and whispering. you focused on the conversation. once you heard the voices, you knew you were right. that's when everything before you blacked out came to you. it was the guys. luke and jake were the voices whispering. carlos must be sleeping. but... who was the girl. a pinch of jelousy pricked you. you ignored her and focused on the conversation, jake,"is she up yet? she's been sleeping for 2 days straight!" luke,"nah. i think i put too much into her." too much? what'd he mean by that? jake," i think you hurt her or something." luke, "how? i don't see anything." jake, "nah. i mean look at her eyes." luke, "theyre closed,genius." jake, "just open them a little. i think she's awake. she's breathing dfferently." luke checked ur eyes but found nothing. "i don't see anything. i thought we were talking about how i hurt her just right now?" jake, "ha! so you admitt it!" luke,"what? no! i-" the girl pitched in, "shut up! you idiots! you'll wake the master!" the boys immediatly shut up but one whispered, "how come he's the master? he doesnt do anything but sleep, eat, and boss us around." the girl left the room and Carlos woke up. your heart beat sped up. he's the master. why is he the master? not ur problem. the boys said, "give her another day or so and then wake her up if she doesnt by then" commanded Carlos. jake," im going to bed. its late." luke agreed.
  5. you sniff the room. empty. you got out of bed and scanned the room. awesome! there's a window! you checked it for any laser, wire or anything that can alarm the guys of your absence. clear. you lifted it up slowly, making sure its quiet. you were about two stories off the ground. you climbed on the ledge and wiggled to the side until you were on the corner of the building. there was a large trash can not so far from there and you decided to wiggle out from there and jump onto it. the noise was loud like a bang. you flinched and tried to hear the guys. the boys were all asleep until one woke up and shouted, "she's gone. i know it as a fact! i dreampt it! i told u she was awake!" oh! darn jake!
  6. you heard footsteps shuffling and someone breathd in the air. "this way, i can smell her jacket" you looked at the jacket and ran. how could he know your jacket smell? you followed the smell of pine cones and leaves. the forest wasn't so far. it was cold outside. you heard shivering and teeth chattering. a little girl was huddling behind a house shaking in the cold. you gave her your jacket and told her that if anyone asks where you were, you went deep into the city. she nodded and thanked you. the jacked was getting small on you anyway. a window was open in a nearby house. you slipped in and noticed that there was a large closet with a very warm coat. you tried it on, perfect fit. you took out a wad of cash. about 30 bucks and layed it the desk beside the bed. you wrote a note thanking the person for the jacket and that the money was for the owner to buy a new one. you ran into the woods and took the dangerous path to your cottage. almost slipping on a rock, you caught yourself on a tree branch and heaved yourself upward. this route was a narrow path on the side of a large cliff. anyone could easily slip and fall into the jagged rocks beneath you. you finally arrived home but everything was so quiet. almost too quiet.
  7. you entered he house and sniffed the air. tigers. no wolf. no vamp. just tigers. "isaac! mel! i'm home! anyone here?!"you shout. nothing. no answer. you sand in place as you try to think where you left your backpack. crap. the boys have it. that'll be interesting tomorow. you didnt want to think about it. right now, you were starved. you sigh and just as your about to take a step,
  9. who do you like?
  10. okay. thats where ill leave it off. ill see you guys next time. im glad i finally had the time to do this.

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