The Elemenalist: the final battle

Hello and welcome to the final test of the Elemenalist series. First in the series was "what element are you" then, "are you the Elemenalist" and now...

"The Elemenalist: the final battle." In this one, you have to defeat the Adepts to see if you really are the Elemenalist. Once complete, do all you want.

Created by: hadesman101

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  1. Hazna, the Air Adept, sends a large tornado your way. You...
  2. The tornado breaks into two twin twisters. You...
  3. You use the strategy and the twisters disapear. Hazna is about to faint and you use a finishing move. Which one?
  4. Next, you attempt to defeat Sande, the Water Adept, but he pulls out a toy water gun.You
  5. The water gun sends out a huge blast of water, hitting you in the chest. You
  6. The attack knocked Sande off his feet. Then you
  7. Goruu, the Earth Adept, emerges from the ground, rocks flying. You
  8. Finally, a rock comes at your face, and you
  9. At a volcano, you meet Chinchu, the Fire Adept, and you decide to
  10. He sends a large fire ball at your face, and you dodge it then you send a ___________ at the volcano.
  11. The attack ricachays onto Chinchu, knocking him down. You
  12. You meet Tara, the Spirit Adept, with her eyes closed. "Hello," she says, "here you will battle me in my own mind. Are you ready?"
  13. The moment you tap into her mind, you're attacked. You
  14. Your strategy succeeded, and you have the upper hand. You

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