Are you the Elemenalist?

Hello, Maddios here, once again. But, this time, I am dieing so I need thee to take another test. This test has been waiting for millennia, and finally... the time has come. The grab question, are you the Elemenalist? The realm of humanity may never know. Now then come with me, we must hurry to know for curtain!

Created by: hadesman101

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hi, did you take the "What element are you?" quiz?
  2. What element are you studying?
  3. Are you taking it for real, or just for the quiz? Like are you studying?
  4. Would you want to be immortal?
  5. Why?
  6. Do you think that the Elemenalist uses the elements for power?
  7. What do the elements have in common?
  8. Elf or human
  9. Why?
  10. Rebirth or immorality
  11. Why?
  12. If you were the Elemenalist, would you practice your skills?
  13. Why?
  14. What if you weren't?
  15. Why?

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Quiz topic: Am I the Elemenalist?