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  • The Elemenalist: the final battle
    Your Result: You beat Goruu

    You: Hey, mind helping me get out of this rock pile. Me: No pro-blemo. You: Where is every one? Goruu: *rises from ground* They left for ice cream. Me and You both: AAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hhh!!!!!!!

    You beat Chinchu
    You beat Tara 96%
    You beat them all!!! 93%
    You beat Sande 89%

    I managed to beat all of them minus one I think

    Puppet master12
  • I beat them all.

  • 100% i beat chinchu
    100% i beat tara
    80% i beat sande
    80% i beat 'em all
    68% i beat hazna
    61% i beat goruu.


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