Forbidden love: Feelings backstab. part 2

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Hey this is number two of Forbidden love: Mirrors lie, part two. except its named different, that will keep happening soo don't get confused! anyway while writing this quiz i had a little bit of trouble (writers block) because i wasn't listening to the right music

so plz comment some good songs that would help me write quizzes more faster. Ok i sorta forgot what the guys look like soo i'll have to put in the discriptions next time. (wow i'm soo unprepared!) lol anyway plz comment and rate!

Created by: hazelfangsbite
  1. ... You see Drew, and a girl... ohmigod! thats the girl from your vision! Except this time she is wearing a pair of VERY short shorts and a light grey see-through top, and underneath that a black bra. The other thing you thought was disturbing was, she was ALL over him! Her hand seemed to be snaking somewhere you didn't even want to know. You looked away, you couldn't get that image out of your head, you felt like puking, actually you almost did but you swallowed it back down and tried to look back at what the mirror was showing you. As soon as you looked back at them "making out" Drew's eyes catches yours. He shoved the girl off him, wiping his mouth in disgust. "Hey! what was that for?!" Drew rolled his eyes and scowled, then he mumbled something like "i think John's looking for you, you might wanna go" she smirked and walked out, wiggling her butt. You shudder at that, then you look back at Drew who seemed pissed. "What do you think you are doing here? Are you a perve or something?!" he snarls "actually no, i did not come here to see you making out with a slut, who needs to loose weight (she actually doesn't but who cares?!) and go to kissing lessons, it looked like that was messy" "i doubt you could do any better, i can imagine you tecnically spitting on who ever is so unfortunate to be making out with you" he says back sharply, you clench your fists angrily. Drew seemed to be very calm, which made you more angrier. Why did you even come back here? He was just trying to get you angry, and it was working. You slap him. He looked at you with surpise and with a sudden curiousity. You stand there equally surprised and shocked, you poke the surface of the mirror, it wobbled at your touch like water. You stick your hand through it testingly, almost forgetting how mad you were at Drew. Almost.
  2. You really want to go through it but you don't trust the mirror portal thingy. You turn around to walk off when Drew got hold of your wrist and pulled you through the portal on top of him. You hear the door creak open, Drew quickly dragged you into a dark corner and hid you with his body. Drew's body acted like a invisable cloak except more fit. You see a woman she had firey red hair and black souless eyes. She was extremely pale like your mum. You realize this is Drew's mother, Cassandra. You stiffle a scream, well actually Drew gently covered your mouth with his hand, glaring at you. "-Ah hello again Derek, long time no see eh?" you recoil in shock, Derek. That was your fathers name. You heard your father's voice "i'm not here to joke around, i know your son has been, somehow seeing my daughter. He needs to stay away from her." "Isn't that why you've got Alec? To distact her from my boy?" Drew exhailed sharply, a look of anger on his face. You took his hand off your mouth then mouthed 'what did my mother mean?' he gave you a look, a look that you didn't want to see. It was pity, he pityed you. Great. "-you know its very hard to stop proficies, Derek babe" you gag. Drew looked just as green as you felt "i know Dear, i know" she sighed. You slouched against the wall, hurt. Drew's eyes were filled with sadness and fury. Surprise, surprise.
  3. You hid there, for an hour. Listening to your father and Drew's mother say how much they love each other and how much they miss being together. It was pure torture. Finally they both left, you broke into tears standing up. Drew looked upset, he did something really unexpected. He hugged you tightly. You cry into his chest for about twenty minutes before you stop. "Sorry about your shirt" you say bitterly. He sighs "its ok" for once he didn't seem angry, but more, teird, depressed. He slowly lifted up your chin hesitantly. Then he kissed you. Your heart seemed to stop, your stomach burned with desire. You've never felt this, not even when your kissing Alec... Oh god. Alec. Your kissing Drew when you belong to another man, but the temptation is too strong... you kiss him back, passionatly. Your arms somehow finding their way around his neck, as his arms found their way around your waist and in your hair. He was pressed against you tightly or more likely the other way around. He started making out with you, and you with him. You knew it was wrong, but you've never felt the sparks this badly, it practically burned you. You parted, panting heavily. You just realize that somehow Drew had you pressed up against the wall, without you knowing. "-We should not have done that" he panted, moving away from you. You gazed at him. He caught your gaze and looked away guiltily. You should have felt guiltly, right there and then, but you didn't. Instead you were trying to control, your sudden craving. For Drew. You pushed yourself off the wall, stumbling. Drew caught you, his strong arms circling around your waist. Then abruptly he stopped and backed away from you like you were some kind of dangerous disease. "Um thanks..." he looked at you, expressionless. Although you thought you saw something flicker in his eyes. Desire. You unsteadily walk through the portal then back to your room. You fell asleep thinking about everything that happened. You went to Drew for answers but all you ended up with was more questions.
  4. You sleep a dreamless sleep which makes you fustraitingly tierd. You open your eyes groggily to see your favorite maid Lily come in "hey Lily" you whisper as if you had a hangover. "Hi _, no dreams?" "yeaaahhh" she smiled softly "well you might wanna get changed, someone's here to see you" you shot up "what?!" she see's you freaking out, so she calms you down. You have a quick bath and did all your personal hygeine tasks. Then you got dressed in a beautiful violet dress that had a tight plain corset and a billowing skirt. You put on matching violet flats. Then Lily curled your hair. "Thanks Lily your the best" you gave her a mega-what smile. She gave you a grin then ushered you into the dining hall where your mother, father (you tried to avoid looking at him) and a young man were eating. Your mother looked up at you then said "_ i'd like you to meet someone, your father suggested that Lorcan would stay with us" you looked at he blankly then you looked at Lorcan and wrinkled your nose, he was handsome you guess, the way his light brown hair was sexily messy, and the way his soft green eyes shined at you. And you suppose he was fit well it looked like it, he was a creamy colour and he was also flawless. Perfect. "It's nice to meet you... uh, Lorcan?" he smiled, you blinked. You had a thing for guys with dimples, and somehow this gorgeous guy had two of them. "Like wise, Lady _" you blushed "you don't have to call me 'Lady' _'s just fine" he smiled again softly "as you wish." You could've stood there all day if it wasn't for the fact that you were starving! You sat in front of Lorcan, who, couldn't seem to take his eyes of you. 'How flattering' you thought, someone else you are extremely attracted to. What next? Some sexy Arch angel with swords of fire? Actually that doesn't sound that bad....
  5. You excuse yourself so you could find Alec. You felt sick, that Lorcan guy there was something wrong about him, the way he could sweet talk your mum. No one can sweet talk your mum, well not after she got suspicious, my dad used to always be out, he would say he was out on "errands" whatever they were. One night He had come back around one in the morning, completely drunk. He was mumbling something about "seeing the sexiest girl in the world" you, back then honestly thought he was talking about your mother, but she knew better. You were so deep in thought you didn't even see Alec who was wearing a pair of navy blue jeans and a white loose cotton see-through shirt. You suspected he was wearing it for you, or to tease you with his fabulously ripped bod. "Oh god Alec, if you wanted me to start drooling all over you, you could've been at least alittle merciful" he grinned at this comment, bringing you closer to him "now, who said i just wanted you to drool?" you giggle, and reward him with a long, desire-filling kiss. (well not YOU'RE desire filling ;D) he moaned with pleasure, pressing you against the wall. You couldn't help but remember that Drew had you in this position only the night before. That thought filled you with an intoxicating love-lust for Drew. You kissed Alec more furiously, wishing he was Drew. Alec pulled away, panting heavily, yet grinning. "Woah, i know you missed me but that totally was just... wow" you blush, giving him a weak laugh. You felt guilty, thinking of Alec, your BEST friend, your well at least you think, your boyfriend, as Drew. His name was like a trigger, suddenly making you crave him.
  6. Alec ran his fingers down your face, you tried to forget about Drew and your craving for him. But you couldn't. Alec kissed your neck, you tensed. Alec's lips found their way back to your lips. Where he pressed harder, and more passionate. You could feel Alec smiling, while making out with you. A few minutes later, someone cleared their voice. You two ignored the person, until it spoke "i'm sorry to be interupting but i don't think the corridor is for franchising in _" you stopped and got of the wall to see Lorcan. He was staring daggers at Alec. Alec held your waist from behind you while you talked to Lorcan. "I'm sorry, i didn't realize kissing wasn't allowed in the corridor." you snapped, pissed. Alec sensed this smiling, as he planted a kiss on your neck. Lorcan was staring at him, with a hint of jealousy. "Alec" you laugh, he was obviously showing off that he had you and Lorcan didn't. Lorcan stormed off, while you and Alec burst out into a fit of laughter. "Lets go somewhere where we WON'T be disturbed" you shrug "where?" Alec grinned "your room" you roll your eyes and walk to your room... (Well actually Alec carried you there.) He dropped you on your bed, he was covering your body with kisses. He lifted up the skirt of your dress. Rubbing your theighs, seductively. "Oh Alec if you play like that, our parents will probley have to seperate us" you tease. Alec winked, "like that would stop me" "your probley right, you'd sneak to where my parents hid me, and have your way with me. Your very naughty Alec" he leaned in close to you "and i just get naughter and naughter" he said, grinning. You free one of your legs, and run it down Alec's. You two started making out again, you two all over each other (no not as grossly as Drew and that girl) Alec took off his shirt. Pressing himself tightly on to you. He kissed you with so much passion you never thought possible, and he seemed to know it.
  7. ""Fast forward"" Alec had to leave to go to his job. As a carpenter, you begged him to stay but he just smiled "_ it wouldn't be fair if i didn't work and someone would to have a double shift. I do want to stay with you and... uh, to... 'entertain' you..." you giggle at that "but it would be selfish for me to stay with you" "and i suppose me keeping you here would be selfish to?" he held you hands staring at you with his soft, playfull brown eyes. "Yes it would be" he whispered softly. You looked down, Alec just chuckled lightly and tilted your chin up, as he leaned down to kiss you very gently. Then he was gone, with Alec not there to stop your mind from wondering, you started to think about Drew again. Then your thoughts drifted onto the girl, who looked terribly sluty. You sigh and flop down onto your bed as Lorcan walked in. You almost screamed, a sick feeling made your stomach lurch at the sight of him "L-L-Lorcan" you stutter "wha-what are yo-you doin-doing in my ro-room!?" he smirked at you "to see you Lady _" you scowl "how flattering, you didn't forget my name. I thought you'd be more smarter than that" Lorcan seemed amused at that comment. He strode over to you, where you trembled. Then in a flash you were in Lorcan's arms. You tried to squirm out of his grip, but he had the strength of steel, which made it almost impossible to exscape his clutches. But the thing that surprised you and disgusted most was that he kissed you. His kiss was rough and forcefull, you wanted to pull away. But alas you couldn't he was holding you too tightly. You could feel yourself running out of air, you panicked. Lorcan didn't seem to have even lost a breath because he kept going more forcefully, that you had to give in, or have your bones crushed. Finally he stopped. You breathed in deeply, enjoying the deep lung fulls of air you were breathing again. The bad thing was though Lorcan didn't seem anywhere near finished. He kissed you again, almost breaking your ribs as he gripped you tighter against him. You could feel Lorcan starting to use some tongue, you almost puked, but you couldn't. Lorcan had done something to all your puke! Damn. He was kissing you for even longer, it felt like your lungs were going to burst, before he finally pulled away. You gasped for air, glaring at him. He let go of you, letting you collasp onto your bed.
  8. Lorcan grinned "what are you smiling at?! You almost killed me!" "i was enjoying our moment" you cough "our moment?! I have a boyfriend for crying out loud!! You expect me to cheat on him with YOU?! No way!" You huffed, pissed at him. Lorcan seemed annoyed not at you but at Alec for claiming you first. "Don't worry i'll make you fall for me, i'll do whatever it takes" when he said that last bit his eyes seem to glint. You stare at him horrified, does that mean he's trying to kill Alec? Or will he trick you into hurting Alec soo bad that he kills himself? you thought of these posibilites terrified. Maybe Drew would help you... To save another guy? he probley won't do it. What about Mary? (Mary is your best GIRL friend) She's helped you out before and she was coming back here in two days. Surely she wouldn't mind helping you as soon as she got back? Would she? You sigh a sigh of defeat and closed your eyes, falling into a restless sleep...
  9. ""Dream"" You were walking in your mum's rose garden. When you see Drew, his hair was tousled and he was wearing a tight black shirt with grey jeans and a black leather jacket. He wore a red and white spotted bandana around his neck and he had a pair of sunnies on his eyes. "_ you shouldn't be here" "why not? Just because i'm under house arrest doesn't mean that-" he cut in "_ its not safe for you out here, go back to the palace" you sigh sadly "the palace is so lonely without you, Drew" he took off his sunnies to stare at you with his hynotic blue eyes. His finger ran down your cheek longingly, he was shaking. You press your lips against his. As soon as your lips touched, it sparked. You had a fire in your stomach it was telling you that you wanted Drew. Drew looked as if he was trying to pull away, but he couldn't, his hunger was too over powering, his hunger for you. Drew wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, crushing your body against his. Your arms looped around his neck since there was nowhere else to put them. You could feel his ragged breathing as he kissed you harder. Drew reluctlantly pulled away, although his eyes told you that he wanted more. Too much more. "_" he breathed "you have to go, NOW" you nodded, even though as soon as you two let go, you were left with an intense hunger and a sense of sadness in you. Suddenly Drew screamed your name as you were hit from behind...
  10. ""Awake"" You wake up in cold sweat, your dress was sticking to your skin in the most uncomfortable manner. You quickly had a bath and got changed into your purple lace sleeping gown which was NOT see-through. You wanted to see Drew again, maybe he could help you through these visions since they were mostly about him anyway. You tip toe down the corridoors until you reached the door which seem to be invisble from the corner of your eye. Weird. You open the door and see Drew leaning cooly against the wall. He was wearing a black shirt with ripped jeans and a dark blue hoodie. Attractive. He gave you a look which you think meant 'finally your here! i've been waiting here for ages!' "_" "Drew" he gives you a weak smile then his face turned serious "_ its not safe for you here anymore, someone's here to kill you" you grunt "isn't that what all demons are trying to do?" "no, this demon wants to kill you becuase he wants your powers, or he wants to marry you then get your powers, one or the other." You search his face for any sign of expression. You found none. "Why do YOU out of all people, want to save me?" he looked at you, his face showed nothing but his eyes showed hunger, and pain. "Because, if that demon gets your powers, he would be too strong and he would kill me and my father" "so your doing this for your own safety, not mine?" "yes, my safety is more important" lier, you could tell it in his eyes that it hurt him saying that to you, hmm so he's craving you too? "but what about my mother? she'll worry" he rolled his eyes "well, she'll just have to cope without being with a daughter until the threats gone" you growl "just because your mum's having a affair doesn't mean mine is" you snap, Drew raised an eyebrow "your dad's the one having an affair with my mum" he points out, you glare at him "where are you planning to take me?" you ask, changing the subject. He grinned for real this time "why, i think you'd like it, i'm taking you to hell."
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! yes i know that was a cra**y cliffhanger but, i have a writers block soo yeah. Who do you like? (Lorcan's not a result yet sorry)

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