First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 44


I'M SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT AND NOW YOU'RE PROBABLY BORED OR WHAT BUT YEAH eh blah blah blah blah, I promise some really good scenes towards the ends so PATIENCE :)

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  1. “MUM, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WHITE BREAD!” you hollered. Your Mum called back, “They’re on the microwave where they always are jeez!” You just woke up after last night. Cross country was over. You were a little sad, no more running after school, no more Coach Dennis, no more glasses girl. You didn’t even know her name. But last night was almost like magical. Three escaped prisoners that went trick or treating with bread bags. No wonder the white bread was gone.
  2. But when you looked on top of the microwave, there were two short loaves. There was something completely different. They were dark. Not the white, soft stuff. Made from a dark grainy ration of –whole wheat bread. Your jaw dropped. “MUM!!!” you screamed. No answer. You knew she was chuckling. Whole wheat bread. Where was the white bread?! Your solution: cereal.
  3. November 1st, Tuesday. Test day. Ryan, Rene and you were separated into different testing sites. Each door said: Testing, please remain quiet. You saw that both of them had their test charms on their pencils. You were put in a class with Lily. Lily sat in front of you. You saw her flash a glance at Sam, a guy in your gym class. So that was the other Luke Skywalker Ryan was talking about. Sam and they traded smiles. You looked away. Your head wandered back to the whole wheat bread sitting on top of your microwave, unwanted by all the other kitchen food. The peanut butter and jelly and butter were all screaming, “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE CHUMP!”
  4. The whole wheat bread still was sitting there after three days and none of your brothers nor did your Mum touch it. She didn’t plan on buying any white bread either. It could sit there for five decades and she would never again buy white bread. All because you used bread bags as trick or treating bags. You still had a few Milky Ways and jawbreakers left in your bread bag. The teacher passed out the test packets. They were surprisingly small. The teacher offered gum. You took one. Everyone took one except for Kelsey who preferred her own expensive pack over the plain pack.
  5. You chewed the stick of gum into a glob of yellow tinted white. The gum rolled and sunk into your back teeth, making a tooth print mold. It made its journey back to your front teeth, you bit it and it rolled with your tongue and traveled all the way around your mouth. By the time it had made its third journey around your mouth completely, the flavor was already lost, the glob harder to chew. During test break, you spat it out and asked Kelsey for hers. She gave you one after you offered your pencil accessory for her to use for the next test period. There were several packets. It was deathly quiet with only the sound of pencil tip against paper and the sound of the newly sharp edged pages slicing through the deathly silence. You guys had the late lunch shift.
  6. You were starving, you couldn’t concentrate on the test you were currently on. A hand was clenching your stomach, twisting it so that it hurt even more. And then finally the bell rung for lunch. You flew. But you couldn’t go to lunch yet. You knew the routine. Go and wait for Rene at her locker while Ryan tries to run without getting pulled over. You went around the corner and stopped at Rene’s locker. You waited, and waited, and waited. The halls were quiet again.
  7. You think, “Maybe she already had lunch.” Maybe Ryan and Rene had different lunch shifts. When you get in the lunch line last, you finally realize and panic, “Who am I s’pose to sit with then?!” You get to the lunch room. You stood there in the middle of the cafeteria, all alone and staring. There were different people at the table you usually sat at with Rene. Ryan wasn’t there. You slowly make your way to an empty table. You sat down. The awkward moment when all your friends were absent on you and you had to sit on your own at lunch. You sat down. You slowly unwrap your cheese burger. There were suddenly hands on your shoulders. The hands steered you around.
  8. Wow, there they were right behind you and were dead blind. Ryan was grinning at you. He had taken his hands off your shoulders. Rene was sitting right across from you grinning. Ryan’s friends were grumping across from Rene. Rene’s friends were there. You stared at them. Ryan shouted, “CONGRADUALTIONS, EVERYONE ACED THE TEST!” They cheered. They were crazing. Ryan added, “A celebration in honor of my TEACHER. Erin White!” he declared. They laughed and cheered too. “Couldn’t have done it without my teach, hey thanks,” he says as he thumps your back hard. He took your tray away from you. “Hey!” you shouted. “Chill,” he says as he places another tray in front of you. An A’ la Carte tray with A’ la Carte food. Pure junkfood, heaven food. You noticed that all of them each had an A’ la carte tray too. “Who bought this?” you asked. “Me and Ryan,” said Rene smiling.
  9. You walked out of the lunch room with Rene and Ryan exiting the other way. You ran into Chris. You remembered he held the umbrella over you after the last Cross Country race. “Hey,” you said. “hey, congrats, we both got As, thanks to you,” said Chris grinning. “Uh yea, you worked hard,” you smiled. “I owe you cookies,” said Chris. He handed you a paper box of cookies. Still warm. He turns around as if he had something urgent to attend to. “Hey Chris,” you said, your hand somehow landing on his shoulder. “Here,” you said as you took out a cookie and handed it to him. Now it was your turn to pretend you had something urgent. On the way downstairs you thought you saw Jessica.
  10. You ran into Ryan. “Quit running in the halls!” Ryan groaned. “You be quiet, you’re the one who zips up to the lunchroom!” you snapped back. “Oh whatever, where are you going anyways?” he snarled with a glimmer in his eyes. “Ah, my locker,” you mumbled as you ran to your locker. He followed you. “You’re gonna be late, you hay head,” you told him. “Would I care?” he asks. “Probably not,” you replied. “Hey look, that locker says: Life is Short,” said Ryan. It did. It had a piece of tape on it with the words written, Life is Short. You snorted. “Yep, life is short. Some thug’s picking on a puny sixth grader or something, he really means: I’m gonna beat the life outta ya,” Ryan said as he stopped for the water fountain. You ran to your locker way down the hall. You guys laughed about it and then you stopped when you realized the locker was yours.
  11. You stared at the tape. Life is Short. Who put it there? The bell rang. You were late. Both of you were late. Out of nowhere, hot pink nails came towards your face. They scraped a good layer of skin off of your your cheek. You were slammed against a locker, your back jammed into a lock which did NOT feel good. There was girl screech, a blurry figure in front of you. Your heart was racing crazy. This was actually happening to you. Swirlies, pushed into lockers, school fights, you never thought it would happen to you. Plain, simple you. It only happens in those dramas, those middle school survival books. The face was close to yours. It snarled, “Life is short, isn’t it?” Jessica. You wanted to spit at her.

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