First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 30

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Created by: scumbag

  1. Your eyes trail to the next page. "Sir," he said, "I want to buy one of the puppies." "All right," said the farmer, as he rubbed the sweat off from his neck, "these puppies come from fine parents and are quite expensive." The little boy bowed his head briefly. Then he reached into his pocket, pulled out a handful of change, and gave it to the farmer. "I have 39 cents, is it enough to see the puppies?" asked the little boy."
  2. You flip to the next page. "Certainly," said the farmer. Then the farmer whistled, "Come here, Abigail!" he called. Then a dog came out from the doghouse followed by four puppies. The little boy pressed his face on the fence. He looked happy. When the dogs were walking toward the fence, the little boy noticed something stirring inside the doghouse. Slowly another puppy appeared; this one looked smaller than the other puppies. That little puppy began hobbling toward the others, trying hard to catch up..."
  3. You stop at a stop sign to look down both ways. And then you turn the next page. "I want that one," the little boy pointed. The farmer knelt beside the little boy and said, "Son, you won't be happy with that puppy. He won't be able to run and play with you like another dog." With that, the little boy stepped back from the fence, reached down, and began rolling up one leg of his trousers. He revealed a steel brace running down both sides of his leg attaching itself to a specially made shoe. He looked back at the farmer, and said, "You see sir, I don't run too well myself, and that puppy will need someone who understands."
  4. Your foot misses your porch step as you close the book. You fell with nothing but your chin, lip, and nose to protect your brain. Your arms flung out to your sides like a bird. Your little brother Willy opens the door. "You looked like you were going to hug the steps," he says. You look up at him. He runs inside screaming, "Mommy! Mommy! Eri has red! Eri has red!!" You laugh. But then you think, red? Your hand flies to your nose. Red. Blood. You run inside screaming, "Mummy! Mummy! I have red! I have red!!"
  5. You sit on the stool moaning at the pain that stung your eyes. Your Mum was patching up your nose with a bandaid after she washed it. "Is Erin gonna be ok?" Willy whimpers. "Of course," your Mum assures him. "Of course, dummy. Erin's gonna be ok," said Nick. Derek and Jonathan just stares. You felt awkward. Your foot kicks towards them. Derek and Jonathan hops away. "Go read your books," you Mum calls after them.
  6. Nick just stood there with his arm over Willy. You didn't think Willy would be too stable around blood anymore. "Take Willy away," you say in a muffled voice at Nick. They stare some more and then they walk off into the kitchen. Your Mum finishes and says, "Watch where you're going, alright honey?" "I will, I will..." you mumble as you jump off the stool. She washes her hands and then says, "I'm giving the boys a haircut tonight, you want a trim?" "YOU MEAN MORE LIKE A BUZZ CUT SHAVE!" Nick hollered from the kitchen. "Uh, no," you say. You did not wanna chop off your hair, you had been trying to grow it as long as those Chinese girls. They had such pretty hair. "Oh, just a trim?" your Mum asks pleadingly. You shake your head defiantly. "Alright then," she sighs. "How about a cut at the barber's shop?" she perks up. "No," you conclude. Your Mum was crazy with hair sometimes.
  7. You go into your room and shut the door. You take out the little kit. You pop it open. You put your chin in your arms and stare at them on your little desk. At least five minutes passed. Your head bobs up like it was on a spring. You flip open the instruction book. Ten minutes passed. You threw it aside and flip open the Boy and Puppy book. There was no author. Did this lady write this? No, it was too original. She couldn't have. Back to the beads.
  8. You transfer the crafts to your bed, you sit pretzel legs on your bed and stare at them. Finally, you take some brown yarn and weave them together. You wove three thick cords. Brown cords with the thinnest wisp of purple yarn weaving through the brown. From a cord, you extended a few tails here and there and braided here and there. You added pink fabric flower beads, in clusters of two. Each cord had four. You completed your crafts with a pinch of pink glitter. They weren't bracelets. They weren't necklaces. They could be hair accessories. They could be... PENCIL ACCESSOREIS. You brighten at the idea. Of course! Accessories on your test pencil. These were bound to bring good luck. They just had to. Ryan and Rene could clip them onto their pencils. Pens. Or cell phones. Or trumpets! Wait no, that one was just you. They were both in choir. You lay on the bed, smiling from ear to ear. Such girly times...
  9. "Erin!! Your boyfriend's here!" Derek calls. Your head scraped the ceiling. BOYFRIEND?! You scramble downstairs to the door. Ryan was standing there, he casts you an awkward glance. He mouths, Boyfriend?!! You shake your head at him. You stare at Derek. He was grinning. "But he is, isn't he?" said Derek. "GET OUT!" you shout. He got out. "What have you been telling your little freaks there?" Ryan asked. "That you're a big loser," you mutter as you shut the door behind him. He was carrying a tray. "What's that?" you asked. "You won, remember?" "Oh right, set them right there," you tell him, not hiding the pride. He stares at you, "Are you even gonna thank me?" "Of course not," you tell him brightly. He snorts. "You're welcome then." You guys burst out laughing. Afterwards you manage to say, "Thanks." Then you add, "Go ahead and take one, I know you're hungry."
  10. He waits in the living room as you go retrieve your backpack. He takes out his notes. "Okay, right to it," he says. "Ah! Wait," you stop him as you take out an accessory. You take his pencil. You clip it on. You hand it back to him. He looked scared to take it. "What is it?" he asks. You look at him hurt. "A good luck charm on your test, idiot!" He takes it. "Glitter? Are you kidding?" he asks. You flush. You forgot how boys might react. He flips it over like he was examining something unclean. "Flowers," he snorts. You were really hurt now. You should've thought first. You snatch it back. "You know what. You don't hafta have it if you don't like it," you said.
  11. "What do you take me for? Some guy who'll do whatever a girl wants like an idiot?" said Ryan. You weren't even flushing now. You bit your cheeks to keep them from sagging down. "Hey, I didn't say I didn't say I don't want it," he says as he snatches it back. His eyes were smiling. "I was just being sarcastic jeez Erin." "Liar," you mutter. "Thanks anyways," he adds. You were being silly. Ryan wasn't that type of guy. He wasn't that type of arrogant guy who knew how to hurt girls. He didn't say that stuff. Knowing him, he probably just heard it elsewhere and thought it'd be funny. He was just... simple minded and direct. You knew he still thought the idea was somewhat dumb and girly, but he kept it on his pencil the whole time.

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