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take them when you are really bored and yeah the story is probably gonna be really long so patience! thanks a lot you guys for staying up to this part! a;ldfja;sd sdkjf;alk jf;dsk

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  1. It was Study Hall time. Girls passing notes. Some drawing behind a math book. A couple guys snickering. "Boys, do homework or read," he study hall teacher called to them. "Oh sorry Mrs. Bates. Victor told me a funny joke," Danny said. A few kids snickered. Ryan tugged your hair again. And then all of a sudden the announcements sounded, "Sorry for the interruption but would Ryan Brunner come to the office to pick up something, uh oh, this is pretty," the announcement lady said. People snickered even more. "Ah, Mr. Farber has a message for Ryan, um it seems that Mr. Farber has a feeling that the item might be important so he's giving it back. So if Ryan Brunner would come to the office now." Everyone turned their eyes to Ryan as he rose from his seat and walked out the door. Minutes later he came back and heads flicked towards him. He had a pencil accessory clipped onto his pencil.
  2. It was Monday. You suddenly remembered you had a cross country race today. The second meet. Glasses girl. You called your Mum, changed into your running shirt and sweatpants. "Why do you always wear sweatpants on gym days?" Rene asked you. She was going to watch you guys today. "Uh, I hate shorts," you mumbled as you stuffed your clothes into a light blue bag with yellow straps. "So, who's faster, you or Ryan?' she asks. You thought for a moment, "Uh, actually I don't know. You tell me later, I've got my mind on some other girl out there," you murmured. Which was true. You remembered the glasses girl exactly. She was about your height, a little shorter, brown ponytail hair, dark rims. Maline middle was going to win today, you thought.
  3. You were getting nervous as the bus pulled closer to the middle school. The race was in 30 minutes. All the schools had time to go around the course, warm up with stretches, each group trying to look the most professional and wait for others to arrive. The bus pulled up at a curb. Cross country runners file out. You gazed absentmindedly at their shirts that all said Maline Middle Athletics. You stood out there on the grass waiting for the eighth graders, and Miranda to give orders. The parent's cars were arriving. Ryan stood at your side. Rene got out of her car and came running to you guys. "So can I hang around?" she asks. "Yeah," you tell her.
  4. Chris was jogging off with his group and coach. Coach Dennis called the team into a group and gave you guys a prep talk. You don't always win, but you never give up. You lost to the glasses girl last time, but you would never give up. Miranda gives her own prep talk and then orders all you runners to do your lines together. Rene stood aside to watch you guys. You started out with lunges. You caught Chris staring at you from two lines away. Ryan was lined up right behind you. Rene was watching from the side. Your Mum's car was pulling up and your brothers were pouring out. And then you saw the bus come. The doors swing open and the kids all filed out. One of the first people to be out was the glasses girl. She happened to turn your way. Your eyes both lock for a half second but it's gone when Ryan whispers right in your ear, "Hey Erin, lunges." "Oh, right," you said as you snap back to your lines and perform lunges across the field.
  5. The gunshot goes off -POP. Miranda is in the lead with two other guys. Chris was hot on those two guys' heels. You cheered for him as best as your voice could manage. Little trumpet, he had called you. And then the dreaded moment came, too early. The teacher is now calling all the seventh and sixth graders to the starting line and he's saying, "FIVE MINUTES LEFT, CONTESTANTS ALL LINE UP AT THIS TIME PLEASE." Your heart was going crazy. The five minutes were up. Five seconds were left. "5, 4, 3, 2-" ...POP! Someone fell over. Without thinking, you grab the person's arm, yank them up on their feet and you were airborne. You were flying through the horde to get to the front.
  6. The weeks passed. You noticed you were improving every day. Running wasn't so punishing anymore, cramps were long gone, your time to get around the school perimeter decreased by seconds. Every second counted. You made sure you were gutting out the most in front of Coach Dennis so he could see that you were improving. But as you improved, so did she. Evidence was clearly shown on the meets. She was there for every running meet. And as you got better, she got better, never had you beat her yet. Somehow you had to increase your improvement rate. You tried eating better. You even gave up fudge your Mum brought home; you started asking the science teacher and Coach Dennis for tips. Rene would joke, "So are you pregnant?"
  7. Ryan wouldn't say anything. He knew it was important to you. Very. You practiced exactly 20 minutes at least after practice every day. You jogged in the morning too. At some points it came to where Ryan starts giving you more of his breakfast and making excuses to carry your folders for you. Chris started hanging out more after school and pinning you to the bench so you'd wait for your ride to come while sitting down and not punishing your legs. Your legs. They hurt. There were aches every morning around your calves and your knees were not getting any better. At one point Chris had even scolded at you for running too much on your knees. Splints. Sitting down wasn't enough. You had to get up and walk around your room at least, sprint up and down the stairs at least 5 times or until you collapsed. This also lead to eating a lot. Your weight was not increasing but decrease wasn't much either. You wondered if the weight thing was broken.
  8. You still studied with Chris at the library everyday, at home with Ryan everyday and gave him little quizzes on Fridays. He was actually making an effort. You started owing him every Friday. Your would usually find Rene at your locker and you'd ask her what she was doing and she'd say, "Just admiring the beauty." "Rene, all the lockers down this hall are blue." "Well, this one is special," she says with a grin and would walk away. But you knew she was removing the gobs of gum that had started investing my locker. Obviously, Jessica's little groupie. Rene thought you didn't know. You did. Because sometimes you made it to my locker before Rene would and you'd find my locker lock colored with wads of pink, blue, yellow, red and green. They're either all wet or gloppy or stone hard and you'd have to scrape it off. Following that were spit marks. You wondered if you should report it to the teacher. Something told you maybe you shouldn't. Gum and spit were the least of your worries. Nobody bothered you much now.
  9. There was going to be a middle school dance on October 30, Monday. Halloween. Everyone who came would receive a bag of candy in the end and they'd all get to have a dancing competition, pumpkin contest, craft sales and games with prizes. There'd be spooky music in the gym, decorations, little booths where teachers give you a little scare or put a tattoo on you, and little contests like best costume. Food would be orange frosted cookies, orange chips, orange punch, orange cake, possibly pumpkin. You just had to help bring a little something to distribute like cookies or chips. It was at 6PM which would be after your last cross country race and you HAD to beat the glasses girl. You, Rene, and Ryan all planned on going together to the last run and to the Halloween party dressed as three pirates or three musketeers. The big test would be on November 1st, Wednesday. Today was October 24, Tuesday.
  10. After practice your Mum's car was early. Instead of running around for 20 minutes again, you head right in and curl up on the back seat right there. It was 4:30. "20 minutes left and the teacher's didn't give us much homework," said Ryan. "Then let's go run outside," you offered. "Erin. No," said Ryan. "Psh, fine. Biking?" you said. "Sure," he replied. "So what did Lily say?" he asked as soon as you guys were on your bikes. "Say what?" you asked. "You know... about what she's gonna be at the dance," said Ryan. You felt a little annoyed for some reason. "Ah, that. Princess Layla," you said bluntly. "Layla? Or are you talking about Leia?" he said. "I don't care! If you wanna know then go ask her yourself!" you burst as you started off first. "So why are you so upset?" said Ryan as he biked up close to you. "Maybe I'm just cranky," you mumbled. "Cranky old lady that abuses kids, yep," you snorted. "So you gonna dress up as Luke Skywalker, right?" you asked Ryan.

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