First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 35

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Created by: scumbag

  1. You get up to reach for the book. You guys are both standing on the bed now and Ryan was holding the book in his hand. It was the puppy and boy book! Why did Ryan have it? "Give it here!" you shout as you reach for it. He holds it away looking confused and then he's grinning when he realizes it. You swing a few lunges and punches at him and jumps around on the bed. You don't realize that the jumping around had twisted the blanket around both of your ankles. And then suddenly your fingers were clasped onto the book along with Ryan's fingers too and you pulled it towards you. And then suddenly the world is sliding down. You fell back. Ryan landed on top of you. Your foreheads crashed.
  2. You guys both yowl, "OWWWW!!!" Your hands are sandwiched right under his stomach. "Get off," you growl. "I can't" he grunts. The blanket was twirled tight around both your feet. You try to throw him off. You were panicking of being in this very awkward position. "Hey, hey, quit moving," said Ryan. You couldn't look anywhere but his eyes and his face so close. You quit moving. He does something with his feet and then suddenly you're loose and your hands shoot up and he goes flying across the bed. He doesn't stop there. He keeps on going and then he's on the floor groaning. "What is up with your head Megatron!" he shouts. Your forehead was still stinging and vibrating. You smack him with the puppy and boy book that was still in your hands. "That HURT!" you screech. "That hurt me even more!" he shouts.
  3. "Whatever, do your quiz," you said. "First, you give me back my book," he says, gesturing to the book in your hands. "No, this is mine. You picked it up on accident," you tell him. "Really? Thought it just appeared in my backpack," he says. And then he looks a little sad. "And I really liked it too," he says. "Hey we'll go pick up one after this," you said. He raises an eyebrow. "Sure," he says. You peer over his shoulder as he goes through the quiz. 10 questions, 10 minutes, if you get 100 % then I buy anything you want at A' la carte at school, you remembered you saying. He was going fast. He paused at the last two questions. There was still like quite some time left. Oh no, you were not going to lose A' la carte money that easily. "Hey, I'mma go. It only counts if you get it to me at ten minutes," you tell him as you walk out the doorway. He nods. Halfway out the hallway, you hear him holler, "WHAT?!" You take off running.
  4. There was a little ant on your shoe. You took your finger and flicked it off. The thorns and branches encasing your head were pulling strands of your hair as spider webbing. This was a terrible place to hide. You couldn't see anything in the thickness of the leaves. If you couldn't see him, he wouldn't see you. You knew there were only 50 seconds left before 10 minutes were up. 50 seconds left to find you. You were counting the seconds steadily. 45 left. He wasn't going to make it. 29... 21... 17... all was quiet. 9... another ant up your sock. 5... 4... 3... two ants... "BANNANAS!"
  5. You screamed like a terrified duck. Your heart was bursting as you shot of the bush. Ryan was smacking his thigh and laughing so hard. You were staring at him still dazed. And then it all comes back to hit you. You were going to count the last second. But Ryan had found you. 1 second early. He made it. You owed him A' la carte goodies. Wait. There was something else. Did he get them all correct? As if he read your mind, he walks over still grinning and presents you the paper proudly. Dread invaded your heart when you saw he had every answer right... question 7 was wrong. "HA!" you just shouted right there. "Number 7 is wrong!" you declare. 8,9, and 10 were all right but 7 was dead wrong. "What?!" he exclaims. He snatches the paper back. "Define irrigation," said Ryan, "Irrigation is watering crops in dry areas."
  6. "Let's go ask someone then," you said as you grab his sleeve. He had short sleeves, so your hand ended up on his wrist. He gives you a surprised look. You turn red for a brief second but then drag him along. You bike ahead of him. "Where are we going," he groans. "Just follow," you tell him. "But my legs hurt," he complains. "Shut up Ryan. You're a cross country runner. This is extra practice," you tell him cheerfully. Annoyed, he flicks a peanut at the back of your head. You snarl when he laughs and you turn your head back at him. Suddenly his eyes widen and he's pointing. You turn your head back and there was a flash of metal and car wheels. You realized your eyes were shut tight. You open them instantly.
  7. Half of your bike was out on the highway road, your head was spinning. Someone's arms were crossed tightly around your shoulders and across your chest. You were on the ground on your side. You turn your head up and it hit Ryan's chin. You push him away immediately. "What the hell?!" you shout. "You okay?" he asks frantically as he retrieves your bike. "What were you doing there, huh?" you demanded. "Playing superman. You crashed into a stop sign again, Erin jeez. You coulda flew across the highway and hit the cars," he said. "Yeah, then I'd be really hurt," you grumble. "Nah, the car would be pretty damaged," said Ryan. "So you care if the car's hurt!?!!" you scream. He grins as he plops the handlebars into your hands. "You've got issues," he said. You thrust the bike handle into his stomach. He doubled over.
  8. You stopped your bike. "Wait, is this a jewelry store?" Ryan asks. "Yep," you chirped. "Hey, this is where you got the stuff to make those pencil accessory things," said Ryan. "Yep," you chirped again and set your two hands on his back. "What are you doing?" he asks. You lean in on his ear from behind. "I know you don't wanna go in there." You give a sudden push which moved him a few feet closer to the doorway. "So you're gonna tow me?!" said Ryan a little scared. The way he talked, you had to laugh. "Yep," you answered. You jammed him into the door and in you guys go. He didn't even dare to run out. There was a different lady up there. She smiles at you. "Hello dear, can I help you?" she says. "Hi," you said, "Um could I have one of those friendship bracelet kits?" you ask her.
  9. There on the table was a stack of white books. The puppy and boy books. It said FREE, PICK ONE UP. On the way out, you grab a puppy and dog book that was sitting in a stack on the counter. The lady just smiled. You ask her, "By the way, what does irrigation mean?" She looked like the teacher type. Your glance at Ryan. His ears were open. She stares at you strange. But she tells you, "Irrigation means artificial application of water to the soil usually for crops. It's mainly used in dry areas." Your face burned crimson as you said thanks and drag Ryan out of there. Once outside, he pounded his chest like a champion. "I was RIGHT!" "Save it for our run on Monday," you growl. "What?" he says. "Ugh, nothing." "You owe me A' la carte! Let's see, I'll go easy and get a cookie, cheapest thing in there," he said. "Hey, what's wrong, eh? Broke?" You smack his head. His hand grabs your hand in midair. You quick snatch it back to hang at your side. "Of course not," you said. You had money, 72 dollars and 37 cents that you saved from previous years.
  10. "You know, you don't hafta buy, it was only a joke wasn't it?" said Ryan smiling. "No, I- A promise is a promise! Get anything you want," you tell him. He grins slyly. "Have you even been in there?" "Been where?" you asked. "A' la carte," he answers. "Uh... actually, no... so what." "So... I can take you in there then," said Ryan. "Sure," you said as you get on your bike. "We're going to Beacon park," you said. "Um, okay," he says, "but wait up will ya?" You glance back and smile as he takes some time to get on his bike and bike to you. You look back ahead of you. A stop sign. You stopped to wait for him. He comes up to your side and off you go. You whip your head around. Was someone watching you? For a creepy moment, it felt like someone was watching.
  11. Beacon park up ahead, you read to yourself. You set your bike on the bike rack. You take the puppy and boy book and give it to Ryan, "You wanted one," you tell him. "Thanks," he says as he takes it and starts off on a page. "I never finished it," he admits. "Then finish it here at the park," you tell him. He still had the pencil with the accessory and the quiz stuffed into his pocket. The quiz was folded into long fours. Beacon park had a river running next to it. A barrier or trees kind of blocks little kids from going there. But anyone could go there to swim. You didn't know how to swim. Your head whips around again. Someone was watching. But there was no one but a couple kids chucking woodchips up slides and getting high on swings with a couple mothers around and even a dad. You stopped to watch him grab a little three year old by the armpits and put him on the end of a seasaw. Then the dad sat at the other end. There was a connection right there. Somehow, you felt that the little three year old boy was you.
  12. You remembered how your brothers would play in the sand and come home with shoes loaded with sand. They would often fight so there'd be sand up and down their necks, legs, arms, hands and hair. But you stayed out of the sand. You would take a stick and draw pictures in the dirt that didn't have any grass on. You were three. Or four. But your dad had grabbed you by the armpits and put you on the end of the seasaw. He had sat on the other end. Suddenly your part went up high into the air, while he was down on the friendly earth. He was just sitting there grinning and your mom would be laughing and you would be terrified you'd have to start crying- "Daddy, go down!"-before your dad let you down slowly. He'd come over and pick you up and set you on the ground. Your head flashes back to the boy and the dad on the seasaw. "Daddy, go down!" he screeches. The dad was laughing and finally the dad let him down. But the boy didn't cry like you did. He took off running and ran up the jungle gym. Now they were playing pirates and sharks.
  13. "Erin," said Ryan. You snapped back and lead Ryan over to the river through the trees. You had the kit in your pocket. You take the quiz and pencil and wrote down, 10/10, 100%. He grins when you look up. You lay down on a rock. "Hey, I gotta go grab my book," said Ryan. "Yea, go on and get outta here," you tell him. He snorts. "See you in ten years!" you call to him. You guys traded short laughs. There were footsteps behind you. Was Ryan back already? You looked up. It was... that girl. The girl who rode in the back of Ryan's car, the doll that was giving you disapproved looks when Ryan gave you the granola bar. You stand up as she comes closer. Why was she coming closer? You back up a footstep every time she took a step closer. You guys were on the dock now. Without warning, her arms thrust out to your chest. She shoves you back.
  14. You give a scream. Before you fall into the river, you heard someone shout, "ERIN!"

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