First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 2

This is quiz is named First Kisses come in seventh grade but it starts in sixth grade just to tell you. And you don't even have to answer any of the questions. Please don't leave until you've taken the whole thing to decide whether or not you'll stay tuned. Check out all the boys too!

Please take your time to take it, you might be thinking, "great, another love story on gotoquiz," but it might actually be worthwhile. It's not all just on love. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: 54packers

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  1. Results do not count and all I'm asking you is to really stay tuned, don't even have to comment or rate thanks so much!
  2. Your mom comes home with four backpacks full of donated school supplies for you and your three oldest brothers. Willy was only a year and a half. You guys had low income with no help from a dad nor did mom find an available job, so a lot of the stuff in your house are donations.“I’ve got fudge!” she shouts. “And taffy!” she adds.
  3. Derek runs up to her first to peek into the Wal-Mart bag she was holding. “TAFFY!” he shouts gleefully as he pulls out a rare blueberry Laffy taffy. The rest were bananna. Jonathan and you help mom take the backpacks and set them aside. And then he goes and explores the bag of bananna taffy. He made sure to stay away from my fudge since he was allergic to lactose which was mostly in milk products.
  4. “Found strawberry!” he shouts and runs off with it. Nick groans as he takes in two bananna taffy. You open a taffy for Willy and then you take a fudge bar. The rest of the week is all new clothes and gym shoes. Living off sales and coupons. And then suddenly school is tomorrow. And you’re gonna take the bus this year.
  5. The bus was CRAMPED. The ultimate battlefield. You could tell right away who was boss. The back seaters. All the nerds up front along with a few new frightened sixth graders. A curly red head tore across the smoothly polished floor with his grimy sneaks and slammed his bulky shoulder onto the very back seat. Four other kids crammed through the door and settled onto the fifth seat.
  6. Two seventh graders shove each other into a seat with a scraggly kid squeezed to the window. A huge bulky guy on the window end with another guy hanging on his butt nearly falling off the edge of the seat. Your eyes somehow wander onto a pimple infested face and his eyes swing at you. “Whadda lookin at faggot face?” he sneers. Your eyes widen and your face is red. No one had ever called you faggot face ever and no one had ever picked on you. You were already missing elementry’s friendly little ways. You couldn’t respond.
  7. “Hey man! Check it out! We gotta freshie here!” he shouts to his other guys. “Freshie freshie, eh?” another guy asks. “Yea, freshie freshie FRESHIE freshie!” another guy chimes in. “f---in sixth graders,” someone says. Your ears are burning. Not from embarassment but from exposure to bad words. “Leave her alone, k guys?” some other guy commands but they don’t listen. They crowd around you.
  8. “So? Need any help around the school?” You immediately shake your head. “You sure?” they ask. You shake your head violently again. “Ok,” they say and then they turn around. You breathed. But then the bus stopped and you got out and you were in the hall and there they were again. “Need help?” the red shirted guy asks. “No,” you murmer. “It spoke!” a brown jacketed guy yells. They laugh.
  9. “Give it here, I’ll help you find your class,” says the dirty blonde. You shake your head. “I’ll find it on my own,” you say quickly but he bends down and says through gritted teeth. “I SAID I’ll help you find your CLASS.” You hand it over. He snaches it. He looks at it. He nods. “Yep, room 105, 1st hour.” He acutally smiles for the first time. “I’ll take you there.”
  10. He clamps the paper with his hands as he walks ahead. You kinda stand, not knowing what to do. A guy shoves you lightly forward. You jog up to the dirty blonde who took long strides. Suddenly he stops at the top of the stairs with you nearly running into him and falling back. “Don’t fall,” the red shirt guy says as the brown jacket guy snickers. The two other guys left for their classes and to bug to hunt for more guys. And then the dirty blonde is walking fast again, and then he stops. He grabs your wrist and pulls you up to a door in the corner.

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