Fingers Crossed: Part One

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Hey people! What's up? Okay, first things first, if you haven't read the prologue, go do that now, because you'll be completely lost if you don't. Ok? OK.

Okay, done? Goody. So, quick question. Should I add in a lover for Darcy? ( her little sister) or should this just focus on Viv? Lemme know in the comments, thanks!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. *** RECAP***His golden eyes flashed a demented red as he lunged at me and....
  2. As he lunged at me, I could see my life flashing before my eyes -- his bloody red eyes swirling with a mixture of emotions -- all too hard to read. But I got the gist of it. He was furious.
  3. "Vavix..... Please," I begged through clenched teeth -- my Raven black hair pasted across my glazed skin. " just get off of me and we can talk. You. Me. Us. Like usual. Okay, Vav?" Unclenching his jaw, I watched as the muscles in his face slowly relaxed. I'd calmed the beast. Boo-yah! Take that Aunt Imogene!
  4. " Us? You swear, babe?" he whispered. As I gave him a reassuring smile, I took hold of his frigid hands and cradled them in my own -- treating them as if they were my last chance for survival. " I swear," I simmered. His large figure slowly perched over me as he leaned close -- his warm breath tickling my upper lip before he did the unexpected.
  5. Ice cold lips pressed against mine in a heartbeat -- the world spinning wildly as I kissed back nervously. I couldn't not kiss him. As his lips continued to move in sync with mine, I cradled the silver necklace that laid flat against my tingling chest in my palm and lifted it above us, jabbing it into the back of his thick neck.
  6. " Oh my god." a male voice fluttered into my ear, his sultry voice lulling me to sleep. Must. Stay. Awake. " Did she... kill him?" a harsher voice asked -- not as delicious sounding as the last. Wait -- delicious? What the heck is wrong with me? " No, you moron. She played a game of freeze tag with him -- of course she killed him!" a raspy voice yelled. "Shut up you three -- she's stirring." a softer -- yet very demanding -- voice sighed. Dang it.
  7. Slowly opening my eyes, I noticed I was no longer pressed against the chilling linoleum tiling -- but was now snuggling closely to a male on a solid white mattress. Wait. Lemme repeat that. I'm SNUGGLING closely with a MALE. What the hell? " Where the hell am I?" I grumbled drowsily, turning my eyes away from the guy beside me to face three other guys -- all looking at me with amused looks. Oh my god How cliche. " Hush now, Princess. You just close those pretty eyes and rest." the guy beside me purred. Ew. Pervert alert. I immediately scooted away from him, hugging my knees as I sat up in a comfortable position.
  8. " Easy there tiger -- how bout you all explain where I am and why I'm here -- and maybe I'll make your deaths quick." I purred through clenched teeth -- if that's even possible. The guy beside me gave a flirtatious wink before rolling over on his side so that he was facing me. " Well, you're in heaven sweet thing. I'm your tour guide -- how bout we go and have a little fun." flirty guy laughed. Ew. Remind me not to eat before talking with this guy. "Oh god, Jayce," a blonde beside me gasped, tossing me an apologetic look. " forgive him. Sadly he didn't come with a leash." he frowned, earning a giggle from me.
  9. " Well isn't that just a shame." I pursed my lips, taking in the guys appearances. The one beside me, Jayce -- though he was a bit of a pervert, he sure was fine. F-I-N-E, fine. With perfectly tossled cocoa brown hair and glowing green orbs in the place of eyes -- that boy could charm a Greek Goddess. Dang, he might BE a Greek god for all I know. Taking in his perfectly chiseled features, each one finer than the last, my eyes finally met his and I could tell I'd been staring way too long.
  10. A flaming sensation crept up my cheeks as I quickly swung my head away to look at blondie, who was just as cute -- if not more. Sandy blonde hair washed down his forehead, flipping up into a fascinating scoopy motion that suited his face structure well. Bolts of electricity seemed to cross through his flashing blue eyes -- and I swear -- he winked at me before sheepishly ducking his head.
  11. Sitting beside him was a super cute -- but also super shy looking -- guy, who I swear reminded me of my best friend Gage. With jet black hair and piercing silver eyes, he was definitely a charmer. I know some girls wouldn't exactly like him since he was definitely an emo boy -- but he was definitely a cutie. Just for the heck of it, I tossed him a quick wink -- his pale cheeks instantly going tomato red in response. Awwww. I tilted my head to the side, examining his wrists with a frown. Over them he wore elbow length black suede gloves -- but he was definitely hiding something. One thing about him definitely caught my eye though. The fact that not only did he have a nose ring -- but it also appeared that he had a tongue piercing too.
  12. Finally, I turned my attention to the last guy, my eyes landing on his. I know I shouldn't say or even think such thoughts -- but I sorta wanted to hide him in my closet, that's how attractive he was. I wonder if Darcy would mind..... Eh. Short spiky brown hair seemed to dance upon his head in beautiful cascading waves, a small wisp grazing his deathly pale skin -- yet that's what attracted me the most. Where eyes should be layed glorious orbs of morning dew -- one eye slightly lighter than the other. Unknowingly -- my large blue eyes fell down to his lips, the light hue of pink drawing me in like a moth to a porch light. " So, I'll ask one last time, where exactly am I? Where's Vavix and why are you here?" my trembling voice cut through the silence -- all of their eyes on me.
  13. Blondie gave a sheepish look as he tried to meet my eyes -- failing miserably. " Vavix? Was that the demon -- I mean vampire -- that you killed?" he asked. " That demon was my boyfriend, thank you very much. You still haven't answered my questions." " Ooh, fiesty. Papa likey." Jayce grinned, wriggling his eyebrows up and down seductively. Barf. " Shut up Jayce," the brunette growled, turning his attention to me while digging dirt out from beneath his nails. " listen, girl. That 'boyfriend' of yours wanted nothing more than to suck your blood. To say it bluntly -- he was a demon. As for your whereabouts, you're currently in our base. And as for that last question? We saved your life darling." he snarled, emphasis on the word 'girl'.
  14. " Oh did you now? If I'm recalling properly I seem to remember you and your pals cowering in the corner of the room. I can handle myself, thanks. So," I grumbled, pulling myself up from the mattress and stumbling over to the nearest door. " thanks, but no thanks. I don't need your help. Ever. " I growled. " Vivian. Wait! Just let us explain!" emo boy called out -- his puppy-like eyes pleading with me in the cutest of ways. Dammit. " Wait. How do you know my name?" " We know a lot about you princess. Vivian Louis. Born October twenty-first, 2002. Birth parents died in a tragic accident, and nobody would take you in. You have a younger sister, Darcy Louis--" rattled off Jayce, blondies hand quickly covering his mouth. " How nice. Not only are you all pretend heroes but your stalkers too." I frowned.
  15. " We aren't stalkers -- or pretend heroes." argued brunette guy. Damn, I need to figure out his name. " So what are you then?" " Vampire slayers." he smirked. Vampire slayers? Dang! " Okay then, mister vampire slayer. You all know way too much about me -- yet I know little about any of you. Mind enlightening me?" I smiled crookedly, hoping to appear as innocent as possible. " Well, as you know, I'm Jayce Crypt. Emo boy over there is Jaymie Rhodes. That's Leo Jackson," Jayce said, pointing over to the blonde boy. " and that friendly statue over there is our humble leader, Bax Rheed."
  16. Giving an infamous pout -- something I constantly did when Vavix was around -- I looked over at Jaymie, hoping to win his attention, yet he only gave a shy shrug." So then mister vampire slayer," I said, turning my attention to Bax -- who looked rather pissed off at the moment. " are you one hundred percent sure Vavix is dead?" " No. We aren't sure. As soon as you stabbed him, he just vanished in a cloud of smoke." Bax replied, twiddling his fingertips back and forth while trying to not make eye contact.
  17. Vavix isn't dead. Oh, poor Darcy is going to be scared to death when I tell her -- wait. Oh my god. " Darcy. Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about her!" I shrieked, scaring the boys with my sudden cry. " Your sister? What does she have to do with anything?" Bax said, letting out an agitated sigh as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. " Vavix knows Darcy's my weakness, idiot. She's not like me. You should know that," I growled through gritted teeth. " since you guys are stalkers and all."
  18. Raking a hand through my matted black hair, I gave them my best pleadful look before taking a few steps over to Jayce. If anyone would help me, it'd be him -- I think. " Please. If anything happens to Darcy--" " We won't let anything happen to her. Right guys?" Jayce piped up. " Yeah, we won't let him touch her." they said in unison -- though all Bax did was give a low grunt. " Then what the hell are you waiting for? Let's go already." I groaned, taking Jayce by the wrist and leading him to the door, which he opened with a sly smirk. " Didn't know you were so eager princess." he winked. Dang his flirty behavior.
  19. The others followed behind us as we practically flew down the flight of stairs -- my black hair whipping wildly yet now was not the time to worry about that. Jayce quickly tugged the front door of their base open, the door swinging back and forth in a rickety motion as we continued to take off. " Don't worry Darce. I'm coming." I whispered under my breath -- wiping a stray tear from beneath my left eye.
  20. ***CLIFFHANGER ***Sorry guy's! So, lemme know if you have any character suggestions -- I'm always willing to add new people. Also give me good ideas for new stories :)

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