Fingers Crossed: The Prologue

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Hey guys! So, as you know, this is my first horror story/romance, so lemme know what you think. Here's a tiny backstory, since you won't get it at all if I don't explain.

Vivian Louis, the main character, is a special girl. Her and her sister, Darcy Louis, will soon become very familiar with the supernatural world, and Vivian will meet four amazing vampire slayers.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. It was a dark and stormy night, yet I, Vivian Louis, didn't mind at all. Rain battered down across the window panes as the wind howled breathly, the lights in my two-story apartment complex flickering on and off. Usually, I was quite dismissive of this type of situation, but tonight was different. Tonight was the night. " Viv, come on! It's really scary here! Please!" Darcy whined, her pudgy face scrunching up as she squeezed her fluffy pillow close to her chest. Suppressing the urge to giggle at her hysterics, I turned my icy blue eyes away and shrugged. " Darce, it's only for tonight. You'll live."
  2. " That's what you say now," she whimpered, her large blue eyes widening as she gave a scared shudder. " but what will you say when they get here? They're reckless!" she said. She's got a point. " Darce, just don't worry, I've got this!" I reassured her, combing through her frizzy blonde hair that stood up from the static buzzing throughout the room. That's the thing about Darcy. We look nothing alike.
  3. With wild untamed blonde hair and calming blue eyes, Darcy was thought to be different. Not special or anything, just not special. I, on the other hand, with my nest of raven black hair and my icy blue eyes, am thought of as special. Different in a bad way. " Are you sure they're coming?" she sighed, her stubby nose crinkling as a waft of a smoky cologne danced into the room. They're here.
  4. " Vivian Louis and Darcy Louis, I presume?" a firm voice rasped, the hard exterior I tried to keep melting into a puddle of fear. " That's us." I murmured quietly, Darcy's blue eyes flying across the room to look at me in shock. " Darcy, I would like for you to wait here. We will be borrowing your sister for a moment."
  5. She gave me a small hug before pulling away, her flabby arms hugging her knees as she sat down on the oak floor, rocking back and forth like a psychotic person. I gingerly looked up, my eyes narrowing as I spotted the first guy eyeing me curiously. " Come, we have much to discuss." his voice persuaded me, my head bobbing up and down as I followed him to the front door. " Wait!" Darcy cried out, her once angelic voice now full of fear as I spun around to face her.
  6. " What is it, Darcy?" I growled between clenched teeth, knowing good and well that this guy wasn't in the mood to play guessing games. Her big blue eyes suddenly filled with horror as he pinned me down against the door, the chain lock resting on it clacking wildly. A cold item ran it's way down my jawline, a small pocket knife. Unable to move, I screeched in pain as it dug it's way through my flesh, his hands gently tracing the pulsing scar the blade had left behind. " Listen here, miss Darcy. I have plans for Vivian. Unless you'd like me to continue with what I'm doing, I suggest you keep your mouth shut."
  7. I twisted my head around to the side, catching a glimpse of her blue eyes widening even more before she gave a gesture for us to go ahead and leave. A shadow of a smirk graced his lips, the cold eyes resting above them staring at me coldly. " Let's go, Vivian." he motioned to the door, wrapping his cold bony fingers around my wrist. I gave a small nod, wrapping my left hand around the steel door knob, his smile getting wider as the knob gave a satisfying click, creaking open.
  8. A forceful hand was placed on my lower back, his hand shoving me across the downstairs floor. Unable to catch my self, my body sprawled out on the cold linoleum flooring, his minty breath burning my lungs as he knelt down so I could examine him better.
  9. His steel grey eyes pierced through my body as he glared menacingly, a shiver running down my spine as I searched for any positive emotions. None. His skin, wrinkled and stained, seemed to dangle tauntingly from his skeleton -- his jawline jutting out far as his lips twisted into a pleased smirk. " Miss Vivian, I know your secret." he whispered huskily into my ear, my body tingling as his index finger ran across my jawline, as if to taunt me further. " The only secret I have," I growled, my eyes shooting daggers as he gave a nod for me to continue. " is that I hate you, Vavix."
  10. Silence. " Vivian Ann Louis. You can't resist me." he cackled breathlessly into my ear, the tip of my nose crinkling in disgust as I let my eyebrows knit together, something I tried hard not to do often. " Vavix, the only thing I can't resist is contemplating your death. How will it happen? Who will kill you? What was their motive? Will I be expected to play the weeping mistress, or will we be just friends by then?"
  11. My eyes slowly wandered up to his eyes once again, but this time -- this time he looked furious. Moonlight danced across his skin as he gave a growl, motioning for me to stand up from the floor. Doing as he wanted, I crawled into a sitting position, taking a hold of his bony fingers and pulling myself up. " Vivian, I'm tired of your grotesque humor. I'm afraid I'll have to do the inevitable." " Inevitable?" I croaked, my hands laced around his neck as I looked fearfully into his lifeless eyes, his body plummeting forward, pressed against mine as blood trickled from his mouth.
  12. Blood trickled down from his mouth, splashing downward to greet my pale skin, trapped under his lifeless body. " Vavix?" I said in a meek hushed whisper, barely audible to the untrained ear. " Viv-Vivian? I-I'm sorry i-it ha-has to be th-this way." he gasped for breath, choking through the spit that lined hid throat. " What way? Tell me Vavix." I demanded. His body then went limp, tears running over the brims of my eyes, a satisfied sigh escaping my throat as the tears burned my cheeks.
  13. As I sobbed bitterly, I soon came to realize a hand tightly gripping my wrist. Not just any hand though, the creature known as Vavix. His once cold stony features had somehow morphed into.... a monster.
  14. His skin, now a lifeless grey that stuck stiffly to his bones, his arms lean yet toned, and his eyes -- they bore into my soul, his eyes like pools of honey flecked with a bit of hazel. " Vivian.... I'm not some monster, don't look at me like I am." he growled ferociously, his fangs oozing with toxic acid that burned my skin as it made contact. " Vavix! Auh! Help!" I wailed pathetically, pushing his body away in fear.
  15. He barred his teeth as he crawled towards me, as I scooted backwards across the floor, my back banging against a metal rack. " Auh!" I groaned, crumpling over as blood trickled down my forehead, my icy eyes widening as he stood to his feet, sauntering over with an air of confidence that paralyzed me. " You s-smell great -- your blood, I mean. You're blood," he murmured, his ears pricking upwards as he studied the liquid pouring from my head. " it's just pleading for me to take a little taste. It--"
  16. A small whimper escaped my throat as his eyes narrowed, blood seeping through my hair and dribbling down my chin. " P-please, Vavix." I pled. " Leave her be." a husky voice growled from across the room. Hm, who's the creep in the corner, I wondered to myself. " She's my girlfriend, I can do whatever I want." Vavix challenged him, his back turned to me as he searched around for the mysterious guy. " That poor thing." another male voice cooed sympathetically. I couldn't help myself. A giggle escaped my throat, Vavix's attention now on me.
  17. His golden eyes flashed a demented red as he lunged at me and..
  18. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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