final decision..

This is my final decision on the fate of my three role play quizzes. Hogwarts, magic, and secrets, Life and Love at Hogwarts, and Your Strange Life at Hogwarts

Read on to understand my decision and my reasonings. I've put a lot of thought into this decision, and I feel like this is best. My decision is important to me, myself, and I.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Okay. I'm stopping ALL THREE of my quizzes on here
  2. I have a few reasons
  3. First of all, I just can't juggle four at a time!
  4. Second, I keep forgetting about everything on here
  5. Third, I have writers block on EVERY story on here
  6. I have much less freedom on here
  7. I want to focus on just my one story on wattpad
  8. Anybody can have my three stories on here
  9. Sorry guys! I know a majority of you wanted me to continue, but I can't do it anymore
  10. Bye! I might still make quizzes on here, but I'm staying away from RPs.

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