favorite akutuki member?

this quiz is for naruto fans that read the mangas, not just the television show in english or japanese. if you do take the quiz and your a naruto fan but dont read the mangas you might not want to take the quiz becaus it contains info of the future anime.

if you want to watch the mangas just go to www.youtube.com , but if you want more info and pictures on the following characters listed, go to www.inukoproject.com

Created by: kakashi of this site
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  1. what is your favorite finger?
  2. what ninja are you?
  3. what kind of element do you attack with?
  4. what do you like better?
  5. what do you like better as a team?
  6. best storyline?
  7. least favorite?
  8. who should be the leader of the akatsuki?
  9. who would be the best two-man squad?
  10. which team do you like?

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