Which Push Play Guy is Right for You?

Feeling the Vibe wants to help all the Push Play fans out there know which Push Play member they are most compatible with. You've seen them perform and maybe even met them at meet and greets but which guy is just right for you?

Are you right for CJ, maybe more for Nick, perhaps Steve, or D-Rock? Why not take this quiz so you can get the real answer and learn something about your favorite guys too.

Created by: Kristen of Feeling the Vibe
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  1. What is your favorite food?
  2. Which sport do you like to play or watch?
  3. Which band do you like?
  4. Are you normally
  5. Time for fast quick food you go for
  6. In school you are:
  7. Your favorite instrument is:
  8. You are usually:
  9. In your family you are:
  10. How do your friends describe you?
  11. What is your fashion style?

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