Test Your Push Play Knowledge

Push Play is a great new band that is taking the music industry by storm. Their music is hitting the airwave and their pictures are just about everywhere.

How well do you know Push Play? Are you a true fan or just kind of someone who enjoys their music? Well prove it, take this quiz and see if you're a Push Play genius!

Created by: Kristen
  1. Who are the members of Push Play?
  2. What is the new Push Play myspace?
  3. Where are the guys of Push Play from?
  4. What is the address for the official Push Play Website?
  5. Who comments back the most on myspace comments from the Push Play Myspace?
  6. Which instrument does Nick play?
  7. What nickname does Derek want to go by?
  8. Who won a date on TRL?
  9. When is Nick's birthday?
  10. When did CJ start his very first band?
  11. What does Push Play do at the end of every concert?
  12. Name two of Steve's favorite bands.
  13. What is the name of Push Play's first music video?

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Quiz topic: Test my Push Play Knowledge