the Mac-a-holic test

We pritty much all know what a iPod is but it take so much more to be a Mac-a-holic.... can you push your mac knowledge to the limit and prove yourself? if you think you can try yourself out

are YOU a MAC-a-holic? do you know your iMac from your eMac? do you know when they first came out? well then test your limits and see how much of a mac-a-holic you are!

Created by: stezza
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  1. An easy one to start off with... Which computer company produces the Macintosh?
  2. ok... now one thats a little harder... the predecessor of the 'Mac' and the very first computer from apple was...
  3. the very first Macintosh, was released in which of the following years...
  4. this very first mac was called what?
  5. this was later that year updated and replaced with which model
  6. the first Portable mac, named the Macintosh Portable, was releced in 1989, and weighed in at about how much?
  7. early 2006, Apple made a deal with which company to replace there processors with?
  8. Which Desktop computer was the last to be updated to the new Intel Chips...?
  9. apple have since made there name for another reason, in the music buisness, with there product the iPod, in what year was the first iPod Released
  10. 2 REALLY EASY question to finish with... in late 2006 apple announced the planned release of a new product.... an iPod, a Phone, and a computer.... this product was called
  11. Another new product released by apple to start 2007 was a revolutionary product that allowed you to stream media files wirelessly from your computer to your TV... this was called

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