are you a true howrsie holic?

are you a howrseie holic?or just some one who likes howrse.or would you be better off some where else. coco x wishes you well. bye bye and have a nice day

do you think howrse is great?lame or some wherein between . find out in this quiz by coco x! i wish you well. bye by and have a nice day. coco x "do not eat the plum pudding" lol

Created by: elise
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how long do you spend on howrse?
  2. is howrse you favorite thing?
  3. are you down if you cant log on for more than a week?
  4. your mum buys you a new coat:do you say;
  5. you mum tells you to get off for tea;do you think!
  6. you do not own a have a chance to look after one for the day are you
  7. you are writing to your friend about your day looking after a horse:do you say,
  8. at the end of the letter you sign ,
  9. you see a turnip:what do you do?
  10. you spend your pocket money on:

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Quiz topic: Am I a true howrsie holic?