Are You a Bully?

There is really no way of knowing how many bullies there are, how many standerbys...the statistics are too crazy. But what exactly is a bully? Who qualifies for a bully? Or a Push-Over?

Do you qualify for the role of a bully? Or a push-over? Do you know if you're hurting someone? Or what to do if you run into a bully post-school years? Take this quiz, and you will have your answer within minutes!

Created by: Ben
  1. When a bully shouts something inconsiderate at you....?
  2. When you see someone getting bullied, you...
  3. When you see a bully knock the books from someones hands, you...?
  4. When a bully threatens you, what is your response?
  5. If you find a bully in a weak time of their lives, do you...?
  6. You tell a bully to shut up. He yells: "Kid, you wanna fight?!" Do you...
  7. You run into a former bully 10 years after graduation at a market. They apologize for all the years of misery they gave you. What is your response?
  8. When your mother grows older, she hires a helper to help clean, shop, and do laundry. When you see it's your old bully, you say...?
  9. On your 75th birthday, you see a former bully's name in the local newspaper's obituary. You...?
  10. Why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Bully?