How Much Do You Know About Ignite

Alot of people THINK that they know everything about their favorite band, they THINK that they're so clever, digging up all the information available on the web and passing it off as real... but in truth, they know no more than the paparazzi.

Do YOU really know your favorite band? Do you really think you know all there is to know about them? Well take a few minutes to figure out how much you REALLY know about your favorite band (mine of course)

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  1. What are the last names of the members of Ignite?
  2. When was Ignite formed?
  3. How many guitars does Joel have?
  4. How many basses does Nick have?
  5. Between Daniel, Joel, Nick, and Joanna, how many instruments are there?
  6. Between Joel, Daniel, Nick and Joanna, how many instruments are there that are broken
  7. Which member has played their instrument for the longest?
  8. Which of these ridiculous rumors is true?
  9. How many former members of Ignite are there?
  10. What is the name of the former member of Ignite who no longer plays with them?
  11. What city did Ignite perform in and receive $1,000/hour without even charging
  12. Ignite would be fine playing any of the genres below EXCEPT FOR
  13. Ignite has every position they need filled EXCEPT

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