How Cuban are you?

The truth is that a Cuban is much more different than an American. Really If you take an American Paint him/her a dark tan. replace the beer with rum. Put on beige pants and a white shirt. You have the physical part. You need to feel the latin music, feel the salsa dance and know and be proud to be Cuban.

So Do you have what it takes to be a certified Cuban? The quiz may make you so happy you could just dance. So take the quiz and your Cuban in you will ignite with the passion of one thousand dances

Created by: Mark

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  1. Which is the best rum?
  2. Do you speak spanish?
  3. Do you like Fidel Castro?
  4. How much sugar is too much?
  5. How do you make a mojito?
  6. Do you like beer?
  7. What is a GOOD Sangria recipe.
  8. Do you dance?
  9. Which type of government is Cuba?
  10. If you could change one thing about Cuba. What would it be?
  11. what WAS Cuba's main export
  12. If I said you ate moros y cristianos. You would have eaten...
  13. What is on Cuba's flag

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Quiz topic: How Cuban am I?