Fancy Fantasy Part 7

Ah, it's good to be back! I'm fine, and thanks for all the concern guys :) it made it alot easier (and faster) to get my lazy butt up and get this part out!

Please leave a comment about what guy you want to spend a day with and what ya'll wanna do. I'll put them in the parts from most to least popular. Thanks!

Created by: Twisted_Roots

  1. Recap: You start for the stairs. "I'm gonna go to my room, call me for lunch in a few hours... whenever it's ready... or... whatever." You walk into your room and quietly close the door behind you. You walk over to your bed, curl up under the covers, and cry. (You have the power of life and death bro!)
  2. (By the way, yes I'm fully recovered and thank you guys so much for being so supportive!)
  3. You lay there for hours, just sobbing and thinking. "How do I kill people? More important, how do I NOT kill people? If I do, how do I bring them back? Is there a magic word? A sentence, a gesture perhaps? I can also make plants grow? So I could grow a forest? Or destroy one... maybe I could create a literal tree house." You think back to your early high school years and remember your "Hit List" that you and your friends established. That all seemed so silly now that it was actually possible. You could commit the perfect crime. Never be caught.
  4. A quiet knock on your door gently pulled you out of your thoughts. The door slowly opened with a low squeak, but the handsome figure in the doorway was not one of the guys.
  5. You close your eyes and steady your breathing to fake the appearance of sleep. You hear his worn tennis shoes squeak as he walks towards your bed, stopping about 5 feet away. You strain your ears to hear any clue as to who this mystery guy is, but all you here is breathing.
  6. "Come on, babe," a soft, velvety female voice calls sweetly, "you can meet her later." The shoes retreat, pause at the doorway, and the door softly clicks shut. After waiting a few minutes, you flip over to check the clock. 11 am. You crawl out of bed and mosey over to your closet since you've had these clothes on before the sun came up. You wear...
  7. You slowly change into that, style your hair and makeup to your liking, and walk out of your room. You tiptoe down the stairs that lead into the living room and cross the threshold into the kitchen. It smells deliciously like...
  8. You inhale deeply and look up to see the guys staring at you, concern engraved on their faces. You try to croak out an "I'm fine", but it's more of a squeak, so you clear your throat and say clearly "I'm fine." The guys nod their heads and go back to finishing up lunch. You rest your back on the wall and look around for the mystery guy, but don't see him. The guys set the table and take their seats. You sit by...
  9. He puts his arm around your shoulder and gives it a quick squeeze before digging into his food. You smile and start eating too. There's an awkward silence the entire meal. When you guys are done, you do the dishes and head outside. You walk over to a bench in the middle of an empty garden and sit down. After a few seconds, you bend down to inspect the earth at your feet.
  10. You close your eyes and imagine a tiny dandelion in your head, then open them and picture it growing from the ground at your feet. You stare and concentrate and stare some more, but nothing happens. You sit out there for about an hour, staring at the ground trying to make a little dandelion grow. When it was clear you would not meet success today, you sat back and looked up at the sky, watching the clouds roll by. "That one looks like a turtle" you think to yourself. "And that one looks like a... well, a cloud." Your intense cloud staring was interrupted by shoes crunching on gravel. You glare at the sky, then turn around to see who interrupted your deep thought. It's...
  11. A cliffhanger! A cliffhanger walked up and said "Come back ya'll!" hahaha I know you hate me, but seriously, come back k?
  12. And leave a comment about what guy you want to spend the day with and what you guys want to do, and i'll get those parts out in order from most popular to least, k? see you in about a week! love ya'll :)

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