Falling in Love with You (Part One)

I have three mottos to life… actually I can’t think of any right now. Anyway, hope you enjoy this story-quiz and if enough of you like it I’ll make another sometime. After I post this I’ll go back to watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and eating carrots and ranch.

What the heck is going on I don’t know but whatever I don’t really care just read to darn quiz alright? And people; fix your grammar eh? *singing* Don’t know much about history… don’t know much biology…

Created by: regalmaiden

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  1. You wake up and are blinded by a light so bright it pierces through your eyes and sears your brain. It fades a little and you’re in a warehouse. A concrete floor is under your feet and its domed ceiling is glowing from the noon sun, which you guess is about directly overhead. “Hello?” you call, turning around and squinting out the huge door at the jungle-like landscape beyond. “You’re late,” a voice says behind you. You wheel around, heart pounding insanely. “I am?” is all you can stammer through your suddenly tight throat. A tall, blonde boy is standing there grinning at you with his arms crossed and deep-set green eyes twinkling at something that amused him. Something you were missing. “Who are you?” you ask. He shrugged, lifting his muscular shoulders and letting them drop carelessly. His dark green t-shirt was tight over his arms and his boot-cut jeans were faded and torn at the knees. “It doesn’t really matter, you wouldn’t believe me anyway,” he said, lowering his gaze elusively. He sighs about something to himself and looks back up with a friendly smile. “C’mon,” he said, taking your hand easily. He smiles and mumbles quietly, “Soft hand.”
  2. Still wondering at the way this dream seemed so real, you follow the boy through the dense undergrowth of the jungle. “My name’s Jayden, by the way,” he said, almost as an afterthought. You start to tell him your name but he cuts you off. “It’s +++++, I know.” “Oh… that’s right,” you reply, suddenly tripping on a Banyan tree root. Hearing your gasp he wheels around and catches his hands on your waist. “Whoa girl,” he says, obviously a little unsettled at the shock of having you so close. His eyes widen briefly before he avoids your gaze. Once you have your balance, he releases you and takes a deep, shaky breath. The brief moment you had been close you had seen a confusion buried beneath his friendly demeanor. A confusion not caused by temporary happenings, but of a terribly harder trial. “Camp’s this way… c’mon,” he says huskily, turning away and again taking your hand. His hand was warm, strong, callused.
  3. Breaking into a clearing, you stop, and he gives your arm a gentle tug, with a well-come-on-what-are-you-stopping-for look. You reply with a questioning look of your own. “Where am I?” you ask. He swallows, and you can see his defined Adam’s-apple move. “I can’t exactly explain that now…” he said, “Please +++++, just come with me?” You stand firm, your fingers locked in his strong grasp. He frowns as you ask; “Who are you?” “I’m… your… brother… sorta,” he answers hesitantly. “What?!” you exclaim. He chews his lip. “Look +++++, I’m your foster brother. Do you remember anything?” You shake your head mutely. He sighs. “+++++… something very bad has happened and you have... uh… sort of… amnesia…?” he raises his blonde eyebrows in an apologetic way and watches to make sure you don’t collapse.
  4. Mad at Jayden because you think he’s teasing you, you jerk your hand out of his grasp and turn back around to head in the opposite direction. “+++++? Hey +++++, I’m sorry. I’m being honest!” he calls after you, quickening his steps to catch up with you. “Stay away from me,” you growl, shooting him a death glare over your shoulder as you stomp. Though as you rack your brain, you can’t remember anything. Was he lying? “+++++ stop!” Jayden shouts, voice sounding scared. You ignore him and keep going. A few steps later you find yourself face to face with a tiger, about four feet at the shoulder, with long, yellow fangs. It lays its ears back and growls at you. You stumbled back a few steps, shivering with fear, and Jayden’s voice comes to you slow and calm. “+++++, when I tell you to… turn around and run…”
  5. “Run!” Jayden shouts and your legs automatically wheel you around and you tear off, realizing Jayden had snuck around the tiger with stealth you could admire. You run for all you’re worth, expecting to feel claws rip into your skin and throw you to the ground like a doll. You slow and turn around, listening intently. You hear; “Hey you stupid cat! That’s right you oversized hairball! Ever eat a human? We taste like chicken! Boys taste even better than girls…” whatever wisecrack was going to follow was cut off by a loud growl. Your stomach twists into a knot as you hear a shout. You start to stumble back in that direction but a strong hand on your arm stops you.
  6. “Stay here,” a deep voice says and you briefly meet a pair of fathomless brown eyes. A boy wearing black cargo pants and a green vest is holding a spear and you let him pass wordlessly. A few moments later there’s a screaming yowl from the big cat and you feel instinctively relaxed. The boy stumbles back towards you staggering under Jayden’s weight. “He’s out and hurt pretty bad, c’mon +++++,” the boy says, nodding for you to follow him as he continues through the jungle. Jayden’s mumbling your name over and over, plus incoherent whines that tear your heart. Blood is covering him and his t-shirt is ripped to shreds. You realize with weakened joints that Jayden had done it for you.
  7. “Is he dying?” you choke. The other boy shakes him head. “Not yet,” he answers as you follow him into a clearing. The boy whistles sharply but when no one answers he mutters, “Crap,” under his breath. He stumbles into a warehouse style building, which is actually a de-commissioned flight hangar. He sets Jayden down carefully on a cot and stomps outside. “Hey you dimwit imbeciles, where are you?” he shouts, whistling again. “+++++?” Jayden chokes. You kneel beside him. “Jayden are you okay?” you ask with wide eyes. “I guess I’m in heaven cause you’re sure an angel,” he whispers hoarsely, blood trickling down the side of his face. “You saved me,” you reply, feeling emotions begin to choke you up. “I did huh?” he says, voice breaking. It’s then that you notice a nasty gouge running from his jaw bone to his collarbone… across his neck. It’s not very deep but bleeding a lot.
  8. You do the best to hold your hand over the wound when the other boy comes back. “Jayden you’re an idiot,” he says, dragging a thirty-something woman along with him. “Shut it Mario,” Jayden shot back as the woman started assessing his injuries. You study the woman because she seems somehow familiar. “Who are you?” you finally ask. “I am… was your foster mom,” she replied, handing Jayden some pills and wrapping a tight bandage around his arm. You frown, but don’t contradict. “Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world,” Jake muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes and turning away. “Wait…” you say, turning to follow him and grabbing his arm. “What’d you say?” you ask breathlessly. Jake glances around as if what he’ll say is a secret.
  9. “Believe me if you want I could care less, but about eighty percent of the people in the world suffered from severe amnesia a couple of years ago. It was madness. People went crazy. Mom there saved most of her kids and brought us way out in this god-forsaken jungle. You were lost and we thought you were dead. Wham! Some guy finds you and drops you off there with a note and Jayden found you. Happy with that explanation or do you want a dictionary?” Jake snaps. “I have work to do,” he says, turning away. You wonder why, when you reached for his arm, he flinched. In his brown eyes you had seen insecurity and timidness, though he hadn’t met your gaze for long. He jerks his arm out of your grasp and stomps away.
  10. . “Don’t mind him. He’s a jerk,” a feminine voice says with slight amusement. You turn to see a girl with sleek black hair and big brown eyes like Jake. “I’m his sister, Patricia,” she says with a smile as she offers you her hand. “Hi,” you say. You bet that they’re both the woman’s real kids because they all look Italian. “Want to meet the rest of the gang?” she asks with raised eyebrows. You shrug and she leads you to the other end of the hangar, where a couple of boys, one girl, and a middle-aged man are talking. “That’s Uncle Carl,” Patricia says, pointing at the man who seems to be telling the others a story. “That’s Carla, his daughter, my cousin,” Patricia says, smiling at a twelve-year-oldish girl. “That’s Bobby, Ryland, and Aaron,” she says.
  11. Bobby has chocolate brown hair and laughing gray eyes, Ryland has dirty blonde hair and light brown eyes, and Aaron has reddish hair and electric blue eyes. Aaron noticed first and approached you with a wide grin. “So you’re the girl that killed Jayden. Thank you for that. He’s annoying.” Patricia smacked his arm and he just laughed again, striking blue eyes tracing over you with approval. “Widening our genetic pool eh?” he asks. You blush and shoot a quick look at the floor. “Shut up Aaron,” Patricia growls and Aaron clammed up, just continuing to grin at you. Ryland smiles at you but doesn’t say anything. “Ry can’t talk. We’re not sure what happened, but when Mom found him he was in a pretty bad place.” You glance over Ry and offer him a friendly smile. He grins in delight and his brown eyes light up happily as he looks over you before blushing shyly. Bobby smiles at you and says, “Hi +++++, been a long time… I think.”
  12. “Bobby was with you for a while, but neither of you remember,” Patricia says. You smile at him and he grins at you shyly and his gray eyes have an elusive quality to them. “Bobby and Ry weren’t with us originally, but we picked them up somewhere. We’re in New York by the way, at the old airport,” Patricia finished. “Huh?” Patricia took a deep breath and Aaron cut in. “Don’t encourage her +++++, she can blab plenty with out your help.” Bobby smiles and gestures for you to follow him and you do, while Patricia chews Aaron out for sassing her. “I remember you,” he says shyly, keeping his eyes down. “You do?!” you exclaim. He smiles a little and looks up. “Yeah… we escaped the camp together.” “What camp?” you ask, frowning. Bobby swallows. “The concentration camp they kept us at. It was the Nazis all over again. And I… I think that they’re coming for us.” “What makes you say that?” you ask, feeling a chill cover your arms at his words. “They put something in my head… like a chip… and I think they want it back. You have it too +++++, and that’s not good.”
  13. Tune in for the next quiz! This is my first one by the way. How was it? Tell me in a comment and I'll answer your comment in the beginning of my next quiz.

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