Fallacies of Weak Induction Quiz

OK. So have you ever listen to people argue before? I'm sure you have and you yourself must have made at least one argument before! Well, this test will put your knowledge to the test!

In this quiz, you have arguments. Still, these arguments are not deductive. They are inductive fallacy and you should never agree with the arguer. CAN YOU IDENTIFY WHAT FALLACY THE ARGUER IS MAKING?

Created by: worarittangwongkitsiri

  1. My friend can drive from his house to the school in about 10 minutes. The bus I take to school takes about 10 minutes to get there also. Therefore, the bus and the car are going at the same speed.
  2. I met this guy at the math club and all he did was make fun of other people. Therefore, everyone from the math club are jerks.
  3. I know the answer to every single question you are asking to me. Since you can't prove to me that I don't know all the questions, that means I do.
  4. I really don't think we should let him drive. He's going to start skipping school and go hang out with his friends instead. Then his grade will drop down lower and lower. After that, he'll probably become a drug dealer! So, I don't think we should let him
  5. Mr. Ryan told me that global warming doesn't exist and we shouldn't worry about it. Since Mr. Ryan is my art teacher, I'm pretty sure we can trust him.
  6. My teacher didn't collect the homework two weeks in a row when my friend was absent. Therefore, my friend being absent is the reason why my teacher doesn't collect the homework.
  7. I went to a chess club, and I beat this guy that was playing by himself. Therefore, I can beat every one at the chess club.
  8. Joe and Jack are brothers. Joe like to eat chocolate. Therefore, Jack probably like to eat chocolate too.
  9. I can't believe you let Ray join the computer club. He's going to start buying more expensive stuff. Then, he'll learn how to hack other people's computer. Before you know it, he'll join a terrorist group and start hacking the military system!
  10. I know that there is a secret stage if you beat the game one hundred times! Since you can't prove it, that means I'm right.

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