Fallacies of Presumption, Ambiguity, and Grammatical Analogy

OK. So have you ever listen to people argue before? I'm sure you have and you yourself must have made at least one argument before! Well, this test will put your knowledge to the test!

In this quiz, you have arguments. Still, these arguments are not deductive. They are inductive fallacy and you should never agree with the arguer. CAN YOU IDENTIFY WHAT FALLACY THE ARGUER IS MAKING?

Created by: worarittangwongkitsiri

  1. A football player is a human. Therefore, a good football player is a good human.
  2. Either you give me that baseball bat or you will give me that soccer ball. Since you don't want to give me that baseball bat, that means you are giving me your soccer ball.
  3. I am that good at hockey because I am just that good.
  4. Does your dad know that you been doing steroids?
  5. Jim must have an explosion in his house! He told me that he was having a blast at his house.
  6. I know for sure that she likes butter in her hamburger! She told me that she likes butter, and hamburger so she must like both of them together.
  7. Did any one told you that your car was stolen?
  8. People drink water. Therefore, hydrogen and oxygen must be edible too.
  9. People are really nice and we should always greet them. Therefore, we should greet this man running towards us right now.
  10. You know you should listen to me. Why? Because you just do.

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