Hidden Personality

This is meant to see what your subconscious says about you. It may or may not be accurate. I did try to make some sense with the results, though. I hope that everyone who takes this quiz will enjoy it and that it does not seem obvious like so many quizzes I have taken.

The idea for this came to me at a point which I have forgotten, but I do find it relevant to mention that I plan to go into psychiatry as a career. Also I would like to ask for everyone to forgive any grammatical and spelling errors. They get on my nerves to an incredible extent, and I hate to be guilty of them.

Created by: Amber
  1. I know that this gets old fast, but which of the following groups of colors are you?
  2. If you were to go to one place to spend an entire Saturday, where would it be?
  3. Choose one of the following.
  4. Choose a type of weather.
  5. Do you enjoy reading, and if so, which sort of book?
  6. Which of the following would you like to have?
  7. Choose a country.
  8. Choose a word.
  9. Choose a fabric.
  10. Choose a song. (It doesn't matter whether you've heard it or not.)

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