Introduce yourself

This quiz thingy was created for my students who study English as a foreign language. (Therefore it might not be very interesting for native speakers, not to mention the fact that the questions are directly inspired from our class work in progress).

The questions are about specific grammatical mistakes my students usually make, or about specific vocabulary they need to know (to introduce themselves). I do hope they all get the maximum score..

Created by: mona
  1. Introduce yourself : talking about your age, which sentence is correct?
  2. Talking about your date of birth, which sentence is correct?
  3. I'm a rather disorganized person =
  4. Cathy is single =
  5. "Nathan particularly despises hip-hop bands" =
  6. Which sentence has the correct punctuation ?
  7. "I'm good at cooking" =
  8. What's the synonym of "scared" ?
  9. What's the synonym of "angry" ?
  10. Which one is NOT a star sign ?

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Quiz topic: Introduce myself