Which Ryan Are You?

It's been said that there is only one Ryan Fan Club. He is such a unique specimen that it's hard to believe anyone out there were anything at all like him.

BUT - just how much are YOU like Ryan? Thanks to this new quiz, you can find out which "Ryan" you are most like... ranging from the earliest days of Ryan Fan Club, right up to the silly Friggidy Ding-Dong album.

Created by: Ryan Fan Club

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  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Let's say you found $20 on the street... what would you buy with it?
  3. It's early in the morning and you need a cup of coffee to get going. How do you like it?
  4. Ryan is a big Aerosmith fan, but what is YOUR favorite Aerosmith song?
  5. You're recording a song and need some help with it. So you call up...
  6. If you could be famous anywhere, where would you be famous?
  7. What's your hair like?
  8. Which of these things would you be most likely to do?
  9. Which magazine is most likely on your living room table?
  10. Oh, your favorite food?
  11. And lastly, why are you so awesome?

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Quiz topic: Which Ryan am I?